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  • loccy:
    i've asked this question several times, and nobody can answer me.
    how does the browser choose which video player to use when playing a video stream from within the browser page. for instance, i use orb to stream live tv to my phone, and i never get a full screen on the image. of course, there's no menu options to zoom the screen or fit to screen, and there's no settings anywhere to choose a default video player. in the various video player apps, some have a "choose as default" setting, but this does not work.
    where is the default set? and can an option be added to choose which is the default player?

    this is really nagging me, and i finally thought to ask you, since i'm using your browser!

    i also use dolphin from time to time, same thing there, same default player pops up, image size though?!
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