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    Thread How do I integrate HMS to my game using HMS Unity Plugin 2.0? — Part 3

    Introduction Before I begin, if you are not coming to this article from the Part 2 of the series, you can read here. If you have not seen part 1 either, you can click here. This is the third part of our HMS Unity Plugin 2.0 integration guide. This time I will be talking about in-app purchases...
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    Thread Intermediate: How to integrate Huawei kits (IAP, Crash Service) into learning app (Flutter)

    Introduction In this article, I will talk about that how Flutter project integrates Huawei kits, and learn how to use them in your Flutter projects. Apps are tested many times before they released, but still crashes are there. There is a Huawei Crash Service to minimize these risks. Learning...
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    Thread Intermediate: Integrating Huawei Remote Configuration in Flutter QuizApp (Cross platform)

    Introduction In this article, we will be integrating Huawei Remote Configuration Service in Flutter QuizApp. Here we will fetch the remote data which is questions and answers JSON data from Ag-console. Huawei provides Remote Configuration service to manage parameters online, with this service...
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    Post Network Operation in Android with Huawei Network Kit

    Can we get All network Information?
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    Thread How a Programmer Created a Helpful Travel App for His Girlfriend

    "Hey, they say it's five centimeters per second. The falling speed of a cherry blossom petal. Five centimeters per second." Upon hearing these famous lines from a well-known Japanese anime, John, a Huawei programmer, realized that cherry trees are currently blossoming. John's girlfriend...
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    Thread 【Integration Guide】HUAWEI Account Kit Overview

    About HUAWEI Account Kit HUAWEI ID is the credential that provides users with access to a wide range of Huawei services, such as Huawei cloud services. As a fundamental development service offered by HMS Core, Account Kit provides you with simple, secure and quick sign-in and authorization...
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    Thread MyIE Has Enhanced its Security Capabilities and User Experience by Integrating URLCheck

    MyIE is an intuitive browser app that provides users in China and Singapore with fast and secure browsing services, free of ads or push messages. Users can also scan QR codes to visit target URLs through the app...
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    Thread HUAWEI FIDO Makes Account Sign-in Easier and More Secure

    Together with the HUAWEI ID that provides an easy and secure sign-in and authorization function for more than 1 billion users to access apps after signing in to a phone, tablet, or smart TV with a HUAWEI ID, FIDO endows the HUAWEI ID with more secure and convenient identity authentication...
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    Post How does Push Kit improve users engagement?

    Is it possible to show Progress bar in notification huawei push kit?
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    Thread Integrating HUAWEI Location Kit Using Unity

    Location Kit combines the GNSS, Wi-Fi, and base station location functionalities into your app to build up global positioning capabilities, allowing you to provide flexible location-based services for global users. Currently, it provides three main capabilities: fused location, activity...