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  1. lokto7

    Post Photo quality

    Please see an example here https://we.tl/t-mLwMGMoF9H
  2. lokto7

    Post Overall speed

    Just fast. Once you go 120Hz there's no turning back. Butter smooth everywhere!
  3. lokto7

    Post Photo quality

    Expect chromatic aberration in photos (widest lens), or I'd say CA in photos of X5 ii is a bit easier to detect than my previous Galaxy S10. Minimum focus distance is also quite long... also compared to my S10. On the other hand, I like the Pro photo mode with AE-L and 3:2 aspect ratio option.
  4. lokto7

    Post Time to take picture (camera launch speed)

    I'd say the launch speed from the camera key is acceptable. Initial focus speed is not too fast. p.s. coming from Galaxy S10 Snapdragon version.
  5. lokto7

    Thread Secure Folder for Tab S7 / S7+?

    Is Samsung Secure Folder supported by Tab S7 and S7+?
  6. lokto7

    Thread How to disable "Standby Screen Clock"?

    Every now and then when I pull my phone out of my pocket and this clock appears, which prevent me from unlocking the phone using fingerprint scanner... how to disable that clock? see attachment.
  7. lokto7

    Post S10 G9730 TGY (hong kong variant)

    Looks like someone is kind enough to re-upload the firmware to filehosting. I haven't tried it tho... TGY-G9730ZHU1ASF1-20190620104903.7z.001 https://anonymousfiles.io/3BNR5SCW/ TGY-G9730ZHU1ASF1-20190620104903.7z.002 https://anonymousfiles.io/WA2ZRDEw/ TGY-G9730ZHU1ASF1-20190620104903.7z.003...
  8. lokto7

    Post Adoptable storage on Nougat

    so the conclustion is that without root we don't have adoptable storage, correct? on the other hand, how to let Google Photos delete photos on SD Card without adoptable storage?
  9. lokto7

    Post [29.11.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I Nougat I S8+ Port I Jio VoLTE I AOD* I Secure Folder I N12

    I pushed the adbkey.pub on my PC to /data/misc/adb/adb_keys (restart phone in recovery and mount /data) and ADB is back now. Not sure why the phone didn't get the key by itself... anyway, solved.
  10. lokto7

    Post [29.11.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I Nougat I S8+ Port I Jio VoLTE I AOD* I Secure Folder I N12

    I"m not sure why but ADB is not working for me (was working before in L9/L10). "adb remount" reported error: device unauthorized. This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set Try 'adb kill-server' if that seems wrong. Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device. Any hints to...
  11. lokto7

    Post [6.0.1] Decent Rom M8 [24-July] [N920*] [Stock_Deodexed _Fast_Stable] Edge Features

    The M2 + SkyHigh MM Kernel v2.7 booted up on my N920K (with MM bootloader and radio). Thank you!
  12. lokto7

    Thread N920K (Korea variant) 6.0.1 firmware is available!

    Just search SM-N920K_N920KKKU2BPAG, you should find it somewhere. Anyone tried that yet?
  13. lokto7

    Post arter97 kernel for Galaxy Note 5

    I think you can't leave the /data/media alone. There's no f2fs option to choose if you format /data alone. http://arter97.com/index/Galaxy%20Note%205/kernel.htm Maybe the only way is to adb pull the backup of /data, format /data and /data/media/0 to f2fs, then adb push the backup and restore.
  14. lokto7

    Post [29.11.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I Nougat I S8+ Port I Jio VoLTE I AOD* I Secure Folder I N12

    A quick question: if I flash Arter's kernel, could I use f2fs with Dr's L9? thank you.
  15. lokto7

    Post [29.11.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I Nougat I S8+ Port I Jio VoLTE I AOD* I Secure Folder I N12

    here's the screenshot. https://goo.gl/photos/aLqLH8a87d7MtiKFA