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    Post Is it just me or Nougat on N9 is terribly slow and hot ?!

    Probaly because of nvidia soc, my nexus 5 is much faster when browsing etc. My nexus 7 was slow too even though its performance was great in benchmarks for its time
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    Post [KERNEL] [January 29] ElementalX-N9 5.17 (Nougat) 7.03 (Oreo)

    Really speeds up my slow nexus 9
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    Post Best Rom+Kernel combo for Gaming ?

    I would also like to know, i can't really decide what to use.
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    Post Nexus 9 Performance

    My nexus 9 lags when scrolling just like my nexus 7 did, i think it's good but the lag makes me mad :P i am pretty sure that this device with some more optimizations can run much more smoothly than it does now.
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    Post Nexus 5 battery drain after lollipop update

    Yes, I don't have that big battery drain as you have but my device maybe drains 10% on a night, while kitkat drained only 2-3%
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    Post Nexus 9 to run Tegra K1

    Normally i don't like tegra chips, but i think i am in love with this chip already because it's dual core.
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    Post [SPECS] Nexus 9 Specifications - Members Thoughts.

    LMAO, so it's confirmed it's dual core? finally nvidia understanding that quad core is useless, i wrote long ago a post about android don't even use 4 cores, finally this SoC can backup my argument.
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    Post Nexus 9 is too expensive

    For me it's stuttering very much when i scroll and low FPS while gaming, the SoC is getting old but you get the point i guess.
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    Post [SPECS] Nexus 9 Specifications - Members Thoughts.

    I hope it's dual core and not quad core so it's finally worth investing for real.
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    Post Nexus 9 is too expensive

    Nexus 7 sucks, can't wait for nexus 9
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    Post Latest MIUI V5 Version For NEXUS 7 2012 GSM soon

    I hope the project isn't dead.
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    Post [Q] bricked my nexus 7, big problem

    It worked! Thanks!
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    Post Problem with no recovery mode

    Use rashr - flash tool. Flash twrp with the app and there you go! U can find it in google play
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    Thread [Q] bricked my nexus 7, big problem

    I flashed CWM with an app and after that i turned offf my nexus 7, when i boot my nexus 7 it won't start! i uploaded a video to show the problem. that's what happening whole the time. I can enter bootloader either :( please help.