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    Post Collective Dolby Atmos® Port Thread [Unity][Deprecated]

    Hello guys, i have a problem with my Nexus 5X, i searched around on various thread for a fix but i couldn't find it. So, i installed this dolby atmos zip (lenovo a7000) and everything is working fine, until i plug in the headphones, then dolby atmos stops working and i must reboot the phone with...
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    Post pls delete

    Tried this rom yesterday on my galaxy s6 flat g920f. I confirm the cpu issues, frequencies not scaling properly, may be kernel fault? I tried to set performance governor and still frequencies not ramping up in many of the cpu cores. Btw returned to stock 6.0 i'll wait for a more stable build ;)...
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    Post [ROM][AOGJ][5.1.1][07/09]SIXPERIENCE 7.0

    Hey guys, just flashed this rom :) It's awesome but usb 3.0 seems not to be supported. Will this feature be added in the future?
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    Post Unbrick guide! 99,9% WORKING! (Repairs the unrepairable!!)

    No problem mate :) Inviato da Moto G 2013 tramite Tapatalk 4
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    Thread Unbrick guide! 99,9% WORKING! (Repairs the unrepairable!!)

    HEY PEEPS!!! I have great news for you all! Now i'll tell you my experience: I flashed a custom rom, but something went wrong, and i needed to restore with odin. Now comes the problem, even after restoring with odin IN EVERY DIFFERENT WAY, i wasn't able to format my /data partition. (trust me i...
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    Post [DEV][KERNEL][] ThunderKernel 2.2 [UPDATE 10/07/2014]

    Guys it has been so much time, busy with school and i also need a pc to compile this kernel. Maybe i'll buy a new pc or maybe not. But if i buy it, i will for sure finish this work. Merry Christmas and happy new year ;)
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    Post [ROM][5.0][AOSP][GAPPS-PREINSTALLED] Ldroid - Version 1.1

    I tested out the rom. Good job, but it isn't very smooth and volume is bugged ;) Chrome Beta and Maps give problems, they say that they aren't installed properly. I needed to uninstall them with file manager and then reinstall them via google play. The normal Chrome is also working on Lollipop.
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    Post [GPL][Kernel]3.4.71-XPerience�-9-Marshmallow+/3.4.103-XPerience�-STK-18+[29/11/2015]

    Can you repair download link for stock 4.4.3 and higher? It doesn't work to me
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    Post [ROM][DEV][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9.1 - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE][Beta 5 - 14/07/2014]

    So it is rom bug. Wait new versions maybe we'll fix it ;)
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    Post [ROM][DEV][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9.1 - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE][Beta 5 - 14/07/2014] try this gapps, they are updated for people with problem: flash stock rom with odin then follow the guide some posts above and report rom bugs
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    Post [ROM][DEV][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9.1 - BroadcomCM [COOPERVE][Beta 5 - 14/07/2014]

    TEMPORARY INFORMATION: Don't use the guide on the blog and don't use specific kernel as Beta 5 has the kernel included in rom zip. Follow this guide at the moment: 1) download rom zip, gapps, cwm 5 temp recovery and ext4 formatter. (rom and cwm5 link you find on first post) 2) boot in recovery...
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    Post [DEV][KERNEL][] ThunderKernel 2.2 [UPDATE 10/07/2014]

    Oh you're right, i am so stupid, when i make the config i always forget to add iptables :(
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    Post [DEV][KERNEL][] ThunderKernel 2.2 [UPDATE 10/07/2014]

    No, this bug is nearly impossible to fix.