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Recent content by loudog3114

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    Post Help unlocking AT&T Surface Duo?

    CDMA is long since gone. LTE is LTE, it just needs the Verizon LTE bands for data, hence its working for some on Verizon. Phone calls may be a problem though, if it doesn't do VoLTE. In other news, I got mine on Thursday, been waiting four days now with no word. Annoying.
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    Post Does Black Shark 3 Pro have double tap to wake DTW?

    I was just going to ask this because I absolutely had it before I switched from the Chinese ROM to the Global ROM and now it is gone. So it's definitely capable with the global ROM, they just have to add the option for it. Annoying.
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    Post Replacing the absolute garbage Microsoft Launcher...

    The second screen was folded back when I took this. http://imgur.com/gallery/kYmyyc8 I would actually advise using lawnchair over nova for now. It doesn't crash, for starters, but also renders better with two screens open. On Nova I lose my dock when I open both screens, on lawnchair it...
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    Thread Replacing the absolute garbage Microsoft Launcher...

    *PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANOTHER LAUNCHER INSTALLED BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THIS* There isn't much to it. Stock, if you try to select another launcher, the MS Launcher overlays on top of your chosen default launcher. The solution? Disable it... Enable debuging menu and USB debugging Plug...
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    Post P40 PRO with GMS notifications issues

    It seems to me that GSF doesn't even need to be frozen - more so it just depends where the app is installed from. If it is installed from the aurora store, push works. If from the play store, push may not.
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    Thread Olixar screen protector

    Thought I would share my experience with this; it's a royal pain to install properly (especially after installing the oem bumper case). BUT, it adds the grip the phone needs in folded mode for one hand use. I just installed it over the screen protector that comes with the phone...
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    Post Case

    I got this - fits almost perfect and protects every inch of the phone. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YLXCNK3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Post Good News, Google Play Music.

    I have a Mate XS and came to this forum looking for a solution - glad I found one!
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    Post Restoring apps from Hisuite?

    FYI - this works. I restored all my apps and their data with hisuite. Frankly, its almost scary how well it works.
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    Post Using a magnet on Mate XS ?

    Yes, thats what I do. Though I dont trust it very much when I drive around. My suggestion - get a beater phone to use for stuff like that.
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    Post P40 PRO with GMS notifications issues

    I went through this guide successfully but still don't get push notifications. 2 was the only step I wasn't sure on. What do you mean by the applications G? Nevermind, I see now later in the thread you noted the app with the G icon. Some work, some dont. Outlook and facebook messenger do...
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    I started getting google account manager sign in errors after a few hours. Anyone else get that or know how to fix it?
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    Post Where to buy

    I always order these from clove. I am in boston and they always get them to me in a few days.
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    Thread Restoring apps from Hisuite?

    Mine shows up tomorrow. I am backing up my Mate 20 X to hisuite with all the apps. Has anyone tried restoring all those apps to the Mate XS or X from hisuite? The vast majority of them are google play store apps.
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    Post Auto Brightness VERY Dark

    T-Mobile. I have seen that now, clearly a bug.