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    Post mi 8 lite bricked

    If all you need is to go back to stock, you can flash stock rom with xiaomi ADB fastboot tools. This java software can download correct rom from xiaomi for your device, and flash it in fastboot. You can download it from here: After that, I advise...
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    Post mi 8 lite bricked

    Hello, do not sorry for your English, since it's not your mother tongue. You have to be more specific in the description of your problem. What rom was you using? What twrp did you use? Did you follow the exactly instructions on twrp topic? I had some problems trying twrp some time ago, then...
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    Post Update from MIUI 11.0.1 To V12.0.3.0

    I've updated my mi 8 lite. I am using orange fox recovery, updated it using OTA (orange fox also sports it since you keep some auto generated files at sdcard) and I had not to format data partition. In fact, the update did not erase any user info. The only thing I had to do was to flash magisk...
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    Post Amazfit GTR can't fix GPS

    As it's said before, it's just a beautiful watch that works like a toy for its functions. There is no way to use it for serious exercise monitoring.
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    Post Amazfit GTR can't fix GPS

    Look the pictures I've attached here if my walk in my village, in exactly the same route. One of those was measured with phone GPS directly on amazfif app; the others was measured with gtr GPS. The differences are, as I've said before, reaching 5% overestimated by gtr GPS. According to gtr GPS I...
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    Post Amazfit GTR can't fix GPS

    It's not. I'm losing hope they'll fix GPS with any kind of software fix. The problem is probably on hardware.
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    Post Amazfit GTR can't fix GPS

    If you want a beautiful watch and don't care about GPS, buy a gtr, but if you want a real smartwatch, with GPS working, buy an stratos 3. The gtr GPS is very inaccurate (even after last update my 9km walk is being measured with 5% inaccuracy, and maps shows bizarre movements. So gtr GPS is more...
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    Post continuous rebooting Mi8lite

    I'm sure it's physical problem, but you could try to reinstall the last official room from miui update. If it persist after that, you have to send it to repair.
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    Post Mi 8 Lite BUG? Hotspot/bluetooht ?

    Just a question: are you in or update? I'm having the same bug, and on
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    Post MIUI 10 Themes

    I'm sorry, I can't understand. Are you talking that changing region to Switzerland would allow us to remove theme app? That wild be great, but I can't imagine how that could happen.
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    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT] TWRP 3.1.1 for Lenovo Vibe K5, K5 Plus, Lemon 3

    I've tried twrp with Atock 6.0.1 on my A6020l36 (just booting on it, not replacing stock recovery) to install root and I got infinite boot. I'm able to adb shell on it and logcat, and it looks like that after rebooting the system cannot mount /sdcard anymore (df didnt show it). Perhaps it's a...
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    Post Dual Sim LTE L36

    Sorry, I've been out for a long time. Yes, it's l36 on Stock, and It can use 4g on sim 2 If I choose It as data sim.
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    Post Dual Sim LTE L36

    Mine supports 4g on both simcards., Of course not simultaneously, but it does.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1/8.1][A6020] AOKP-ROM - Lenovo Vibe K5/K5 Plus | OMS/Substratum

    Perhaps, but decreasing gain from main mic will also decrease the voice. To calls quality, the noise reduction mic is a necessary feature imho.