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    Post Gcam

    use footej camera
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    Post [OFFICIAL][Eleven]Pixys OS for whyred[08/05/2021]

    thanks for maintaining gapps version...its better
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    Post [ROM][11][WHYRED][OFFICIAL] Evolution-X 5.5 | Tremor | [03/10/21]

    my favourite rom...thanks zeeshan...hope U ignore bad comments (if any) and keep updating and fixing bugs! bro what is deep sleep issue? #keepevolving
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    Post there's screen filter at lowest brightness? (FIXED)

    its a bug will be solved by ota update
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    Post Heating Issue

    its under control heating not too much
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    Post Samsung Galaxy M21 Surprisely Got OneUI 2.5

    before it takes 2 hour 40+ mins to full charge
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    Post Evolution X 5.7[OFFICIAL] for Ginkgo/Willow

    Amazing rom,keep it updated...thanks
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    Post Screen dp

    393 dpi is best
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    Post BEST GCAM [MI A3] [Android 9/10/11]

    Dise version is good for me!