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  • I can not start to comprehend your pain.

    I can but hope that in the near future you will be able to feel blessed to have had such a lovely daughter. The time that you shared together was cruelly brief but the love that you had for each other is external.

    My thoughts are with you both

    Warmest regards.

    I am so sorry to hear of ur daughters passing. I posted in the thread. when i get my paypal runing i will donate moneys alil tight now but when i free up some cash i will be sure to help. i have a 14month old daughter myself and stories like this one hit me very hard. if i were in ur shoes i wouldnt be able to take it. stay strong and ur daughter, urself and ur family will be in my prayers.
    You are, of course, the man! Love the Elite ROM. I know you are looking into it, but is there a way to get US 3G (AT&T) on a T-7272? I've put several radio ROMs on the T-7272, but still no 3G. My Fuze, with the same SIM, runs fine - just bloated.

    Thanks, Flash (I'm praying for your daughter too)
    can i call you or vice versa, i am a straight retard right now on this , really, 732 216 5596, or i can call you? thanks. Brian
    Hi, I've been off the thread since losing my htc 3125 but came across your post about your daughter... Just wanted to say I'm glad things are looking well and I wish the best to you, daughter, and family.
    Hey, came back to this thread to see if there was an update and upon reading I am so glad that things are looking up for your daughter. I will keep her in my prayers knowing that God will strengthen her and you and the family will come out stronger.

    You may can give me some advise. We are still waiting and guessing if we should buy the HTC Raphael or the X1. Will xda developper also taking care of the X1 as for HTC products, or will it be more limited? We would go with the HTC if xda does not cover the X1. Thank you for your attention.
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