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  1. Luelu

    Post [IMG][ROOT][PATCHED] Magisk Patched Boot: ROOTED Images Partitions for DANDELION (Redmi 9A / Redmi 9AT)

    i got it from the new miui china released with android 11, i rly need to install magisk, i got it from the official recovery release here: https://bigota.d.miui.com/V12.5.0.2.RCDCNXM/miui_DANDELION_V12.5.0.2.RCDCNXM_5fa66df2f2_11.0.zip i tried yaalex patcher but i dont know how to use python :(
  2. Luelu

    Post [IMG][ROOT][PATCHED] Magisk Patched Boot: ROOTED Images Partitions for DANDELION (Redmi 9A / Redmi 9AT)

    Can you make a patched boot image for V12.5.0.2.RCDCNXM android 11 version? btw here is the boot, thank u!
  3. Luelu

    Post Redmi 9a flashed with Treble GSI (stock android ROM) - just saying thanks

    can you tell what gsi did you install? tkss :)
  4. Luelu

    Post [KERNEL] [PINE] Chaeyoung_4.9 aka Lilac

    lol i see this on telegram days ago and commented "chaeyoung from twice", now i found on xda AND ITS LITERALLY CHAEYOUNG FROM TWICE
  5. Luelu

    Thread [URGENT] Touchscreen problem, pls help me :(

    Hi! im facing a rly boring problem. Touch screen just dont work, only on first boot works great, but if I lock and unlock my screen the touch just stop. Touch buttons (capacitive buttons) work great. Also, I figured out something, If I press the power key and fastly move my finger around the...
  6. Luelu

    Post [ROM][10.0][Pine] Evolution X [02/10/20][UNOFFICIAL]

    After 10 days of use with the rom i have only 2 bugs to report. The quality of the microphone is horrible, both in calls and in audio and video recordings. The camera has a video recording bug. BUT IT IS INCREDIBLY STABLE, congratulations, it is the most stable rom for pine so far.
  7. Luelu

    Post 64 bit FOR REDMI 7A

    Great Work, congrats <3
  8. Luelu

    Post Redmi 7A arm64 kernel

    Good luck! Hope everything works soon :D
  9. Luelu

    Post Redmi 7a: There is a os or any custom rom that is 64bit for this devices??

    actually no, many devices with 2gb ram use 64bit OS, its more fluid than a 32bit system in a 64bit cpu.
  10. Luelu

    Post [boot.img] Patched boot.img files & patching tool

    Not working for me :( Auto Reboot to recovery
  11. Luelu

    Post device bricked by itself..? unable to boot or charge

    any news? if the phone was blocked by xioami, it is disrespectful to the consumer
  12. Luelu

    Post WiFi strength, range, and throughput

    Whenever I connect my Bluetooth headphones with my phone, WiFi stops working or slows down. Actually Just when I turn on the bluetooth, WiFi gets from 50mb/s to 2mb/s