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  • Thanx, for FINALLY admitting your condition and livening up OUR World!! You should be feeling better already! Remember, most of all, this is a place of fun! I am sure that we will strengthen our learning along the way, but learning is fruitless if it doesn't provide more LIFE. Fun demands FUN (Frequent Use Necessary)!

    Feel free to post advice, constructive criticism, witty quips, juvenile antics, outrageous pics (within forum TOS, of course) and share whatever comes to your mind. Even if it bypasses your mind and winds up here, that's okay. I hope to be a comrade/friend and maybe see some of you in my global travels. If i do, i may not recognize your face cuz this is cyberspace and i can't actually see what you look like ... but, i'll recognize that ROTIF attitude anywhere!

    BE ROTIF... have FUN ... 4LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment)!

    rafiki :cool:
    i was just kidding on that post = D that's exactly how i got my igo8 by googling (works very nice by the way i like it better than garmin got text to speech working) perhaps i shouldn't have posted that reply don't wana get in trouble = ) thanks bro
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