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    Post [ROM][PX6][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX6 RK3399 with Android 10

    You have a PX5, this thread is for PX6 units. There's a couple of good custom ROMs for PX5s though. Malaysk: Hal9K...
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    Post Dasaita PX6

    It's the red & yellow wires. This is a really common problem with aftermarket car radios and has been for years. There's a standard ISO connector with a standard pinout, but VW and Opel/Vauxhall use the same connector with the two pins reversed, and there's loads of cars like that, so it's...
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    Post Root for Android 10 PX6 MTCE

    To keep it all in one place, here is my simplified root method, mostly based on the OP and shamefully cut&pasted where appropriate: On radio, install a simple terminal emulator (not Termux, that one doesn't work for some reason), launch it and enter: setprop persist.adb.tcp.port 5555 setprop...
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    Post Dasaita PX6 SD unmounted on every boot

    Just seen that a new firmware is out, so might try that. UPDATE2: Ignore below. Firmware update didn't fix it. UPDATE: Firmware HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20210507)升级包 seems to have solved it, and also solved the issue where Car Launcher wasn't updating track names and album art reliably. I'll...
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    Post Dasaita PX6 SD unmounted on every boot

    Mine came with 10, I just updated it to a slightly newer version. Was really hoping not to use internal memory as its a pain copying stuff over when you want to chop & change music around, vs just bringing the car inside and doing it on the computer, especially as updates tend to wipe the...
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    Thread Dasaita PX6 SD unmounted on every boot

    I've got a PX6 unit running the latest firmware from Dasaita: HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20210311). It's rooted but otherwise stock. I'm running Car Launcher Pro as my launcher, and Poweramp as my music player. My SD card is a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB formatted to FAT32. After a warm boot, the SD card...
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    Post Root for Android 10 PX6 MTCE

    It was 22.1 sorry. I derped when typing this up! Irrelevent now as 23 is out. Updating to 23 went just fine. Radio firmware update didn't go so well though, bootlooped until I reset and wiped data, also it killed Magisk, but re-rooted with this method and it's fine now. (I'm now on a Dasaita PX6...
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    Post Root for Android 10 PX6 MTCE

    Worked for me on a Vanku PX6, however I couldn't find the older Magisk installer, so went with the latest APK instead (22.1) It works, and can update itself, but when you next start magisk, you get a warning about another SU being installed. To fix this: adb connect #IP adb shell su - #...
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    Thread Need XTrons TE706PL dmcu.cfg

    Hi, I managed to break my head unit changing the wrong factory setting. Can anyone with a working one of these please go into factory settings (password 126) and export the dmcu settings. I've tried the various dmcu.cfg files I could find on this forum without luck, so hoping a new one from...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    The Barclays Bank App updated and started detecting root again. It even managed to pop up a root permission prompt despite being hidden in Magisk Hide Is there a workaround at all? (crDroid 6.2 (4th Feb 2020), on OnePlus 5T. Safetynet check in Magisk passes)
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    Post [ROM][PX5][HD] Malaysk ROMs for PX5 (2-4 Gb) 8.0 Android Oreo any yet known MTCD-MTCE

    Haven't found a way to do this yet. I've ended up bodging it with a tasker profile on my phone where when my phone detects it's connected to the radio's bluetooth, it turns on the wireless hotspot, and turns it off when the bluetooth is disconnected. The headunit then auto connects to the phone...
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    Post [ROM][PX5][HD] Malaysk ROMs for PX5 (2-4 Gb) 8.0 Android Oreo any yet known MTCD-MTCE

    I came from Hal9K 3.1, maybe that's the difference?
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    Post [MOD][MCU] BD375xx Sound Processor

    Oh this is a nice Christmas present. Thank you!
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    Post [ROM][PX5][HD] Malaysk ROMs for PX5 (2-4 Gb) 8.0 Android Oreo any yet known MTCD-MTCE

    I don't think this is true. I've just come back to Malaysk from Hal9K and did it with a single SD card. I just put the Malaysk and RecoveryInstaller.apk on a single SD card, installed and ran the apk from within Hal9K and then from recovery did an install and wipe. This is on an...
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    Post [ROM][PX5][Oreo][8.0.0] Hal9k ROM 3 for MTCD/E head units with Android 8/6

    I fixed it just by going back to PowerAMP V2 which has a better landscape UI anyway. The google maps issue is the big showstopper. Crashing on a variety of destinations and then working if you find a slightly different destination, like just the street name or whatever, plus Waze failing to...