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    these tools pnewbootloader.exe or xda tools dont work

    let me make it more clear what the problem is on my xda

    IT WAS A WORKING DEVICE PERFECT ,UNTIL I FLASHED IT WITH A WIN2003SE ROM ,,,,since then i have no bootloader i cant boot up nothing it comes on all i see is on the bottom right corner of the screen is


    on the top "Microsoft Windows Powered" logo.

    again i have no bootloader ,,i cant flash it via sd card ,,all i have is this to work with .....when i plug in the xda to a windows xp pro sp2 computer i get HTC USB SYNC IN DEVICE MANAGER,,, nothing else ,,,so please tell me what software can i use to reflash my xda while it shows HTC USB SYNC ON MY DEVICE MANAGER USING THE USB LEAD ,,,there must be something to sort this out

    the pnewbootloader tool i tried it several times but activesync doesn't work as my xda is not working right. I can't active sync so that pnewbootloader won't work, I can't upload any files to my xda even if i did i have no os on it

    so again in my device manager it shows htc usb sync and all i got is version numbers on my xda screen on the bottom right corner

    please someone help me bring it back to life i have tried every means, including constant googling!
    Sry to bother u but i ran into a problem while updating my HTC Mogul rom to the latest version i have erased all of my contacts in the process..the numbers were not sync to my computer like i thought it was to began with. I have a program on the phone called "Data Back" which is stored on my storage card...i have restored my contacts using this before but for some reason its not working anymore:( Do you thing its not compatible with the rom update..is there a way around this? I'm in great need of help
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