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    Thread emmc read/write speeds?

    Hello, i am planning to buy this phone(cheap as 80$/5k rs) at a local store. Can somebody post the read and write speeds of the internal storage ?:confused:
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    Post Lost Cyanogenmod 11

    There is a new Snapshot released today. have anyone tried it yet?
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    Post [UNMAINTAINED][TOOL][LB][ROOT] Backup TA v9.11 for Windows [20140615]

    flash back to any 4.4 ftf, root your phone, then restore your ta
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    Post [UNMAINTAINED][TOOL][LB][ROOT] Backup TA v9.11 for Windows [20140615]

    You can use your own find.exe from here C:\Windows\System32\find.exe
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    Post [UNMAINTAINED][TOOL][LB][ROOT] Backup TA v9.11 for Windows [20140615]

    I have tried this on windows 10 64bit, I am pretty sure it'll work on 32 bit too. Download the zipped find.exe in the attachment. Replace it with "find.exe" in the following directory Backup-TA-9.11\tools
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    Thread Show-off your battery stats here

    I normally only WiFi to connect my device to internet.(Never needed mobile data;)). I only use Nokia X2 to play music, browse, check e-mails/messages & offcourse calling. Without using google services here's my battery stats:
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    Thread Porting Nokia X platform bootloops

    Hi, I am trying to port Nokia X Platform 2.1 to Xperia SP. I am getting these bootloops or you can say its stuck on bootscreen (The Nokia LOGO is still, like when the phone is about to startup) Please someone help me fix it. The base ROM's bootclasspath is same as Nokia X platform's , so i...
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    Post [Q] How to port rom for qualcomm chip

    Use this guide Use this guide to take logcats to solve bootloop problems
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    Post [Q] xperia sp temperatures

    35 C is normal, ask sony support anytime. If your phone stays 45 C and above, without wifi bluetooth gps or any app usage, only then you have a problem.
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    Post [Q] xperia sp temperatures

    Yep its normal temperature;)
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    Post [Q] Moto RAZR HD (xt925) vs. Xperia SP

    Our beloved Xperia SP has TFT screen which is great when in sunlight but sucks in dark. And you'll be force to use Stock ROMs/Stock Based Custom roms, because music beat led bar will only work in those ROMs and the stock roms won't let you multi task:crying:. But Motorola's After Sales suck...
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    Post {SP}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM11 - Android 4.4 - FreeXperia Project

    the final build is very stable.
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    Post Farewell Nokia X2DS

    Good Luck ASUS has the worst quality control on its devices. Gorilla Glasses scratch, be careful use a screen guard and jelly case. I have experienced scratches on my nexus 7 2013 and broken screen in zenfone 5.:crying:
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    Post Can I downgrade my FXP Rom without problems?

    Do a backup with any root backup app. Wipe data/cache in recovery. flash the zip.
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    Post Post your Benchmarking Results.!!

    Stock 4.1.2 , LBL, no root,:cowboy: no mods. ;)