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    Post Android 11 Dev Preview new stuff

    Does it break Google Pay?
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    Post Nov Security update

    No update here either. Google Store Pixel 4 XL. I check daily... too lazy to sideload stuff, and tired of slow roleouts. Let the users choose.
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    Post Screen on time

    I'm pretty much getting at least 8 hours of SOT. This is with everything enabled; motion sense, pokemon motion sense wallpaper, face uplock... pretty much everything (minus forced 90Hz). The only tweak I normally do to my phones is lower the brightness (running at 60%). I also had an issue...
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    Post $100 off for first 1000 signing up for the P preview

    I'm not sure. I have been on the beta builds as soon as they launched, and was getting OTA updates as well.
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    Post $100 off for first 1000 signing up for the P preview

    I didn't get anything, and ordered it on day 1. Oh well :[
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    Post Android P public beta coming to Essential PH-1 today!

    I thought P was supposed to natively support notches? I guess maybe it's not functioning yet.
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    Post There are NO case yet online at all

    I just ordered that case for $22. My back has a few scratches already... just got a new one today somehow. So this case will have to do until someone makes a nice minimalistic bumper case.
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    Post anyone get NMl64c update yet? * EDIT -It's out!

    You might not be able to access the files it downloads, but you probably can get the URL to the update from logcat. I already started my update process, so didn't start logcat until it was already downloading... but I have it logging everything to a text file so I can look through it after it...
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    Post Front glass lines

    I noticed the lines too last night.
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    Post Anyone get their Essential phone to use previously synced data?

    Cool, thanks guys. I'll power on one of my other nexus devices and see if they create a backup I can use. I have a Nexus 6 so that should work.
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    Thread Anyone get their Essential phone to use previously synced data?

    I'm coming from a Nexus 6P, running Oreo. And upon setting up my new Essential phone, the only backup I could chose was from my chromebook. Both my chromebook and Nexus 6P show the backed up data on my Google Drive. Also, if you go to Settings>Backup&Reset>Google Account: it will show "Back up...
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    Post Shipping Waiting Room

    I don't know why companies even have customer support these days. They'd be better served by just having a bot answer emails... because that's essentially what they are paying customer service reps to be. bots.. And it's not just essential.. it's like 99% of corporations, in the US at least.
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    Post Shipping Waiting Room

    I did that once for a Dell purchase... I got excellent service after emailing Michael Dell.
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    Post Shipping Waiting Room

    Exactly! Communication is key to a successful business (actually every sort of relationship)... and I don't mean canned robot tech support people.
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    Post Shipping Waiting Room

    If it is, there will be a lot of unhappy customers... who will do a lot more than complain. There's this thing called charge backs...