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    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC One M8 - Ask any questions here!

    Thanks for the help. It says S-On at the top. It also says Software status: Official and Unlocked. I believe I unlocked it with the HTC Dev method. Is there anything possibly bad/void about that?
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    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC One M8 - Ask any questions here!

    Hey, I haven't been on here in a while. I may have to send my phone in for warranty. I did not root it but I may have done S-Off or something. How can I check this and is there anything else I should do before sending it in? Thanks.
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    Post [Q] Vibration suddenly doesn't work

    My haptic feedback has just died as well within the last day or so. Vibration still works but I noticed a bunch of problems recently. I haven't rooted or anything on this device. After the system update my mic stopped working again, only speakerphone worked. It's back now though. Texting and...
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    Post Install Stock ROM

    Hey, sorry this is late but I just came here since I was looking to do the same for my EVO 4G since I got a new phone. I'll be giving this to my dad since he doesn't have a smartphone and is going to start with my old one. You're looking for the HTC EVO Design 4G? I couldn't seem to find a...
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    Post [ROM] Evervolv | 3.2.0p1 [AOSP]

    I just got an HTC EVO 4G like the person above me since my other phone's screen broke. I'd be glad to get the 8/5 rom. I'm pretty new to the EVO 4G section. They must have pulled them down recently because I remember seeing more downloads a few days ago.
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    Post [8-18-13][ROM] CM10.2 for the evoLTE (jewel)

    Does anyone still have the 8/30 build or is there a better one I should be using now? The IRC doesn't seem to be working for me. EDIT: Nevermind, I found it.
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    Thread Screen not working

    A month ago or so, my phone began to get random black/dark reddish streaks across the screen. I wasn't sure what they were and didn't pay much attention to them. They eventually settled to where the black spots are and now the screen doesn't work. It lights up, but it just displays random colors...
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    Post [Q] Phone shutting down/rebooting itself and bootloop

    Thanks for the reply. I did a wipe/factory reset from recovery after doing a backup. Everything seems to be okay now. I'm flashing CM 10.2 8/30 from the IRC to try it out. I have a backup of the state when it wasn't booting properly. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem with the...
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    Post Boot loop - unable to boot to recovery

    Thanks for posting. Did you solve the problem? I think I'm having something similar.
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    Thread [Q] Phone shutting down/rebooting itself and bootloop

    I'm running CM 10 on my EVO. I haven't updated it in a while so it's probably 10.1 or something. Random shutdowns would happen for no reasons sometimes when using the new YouTube app. Then yesterday when I turned on Bluetooth, the phone shutdown by itself. When it reboots it says Android is...
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    Thread [Q] Friend's phone won't boot

    Hey guys, my friend has a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II and it won't boot up properly. Here's what he said. I'm not sure what could be causing this. He didn't even try to flash a custom rom yet, it just failed when he tried rebooting to recovery mode. I'm guessing it's not a kernel...
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    Post [MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + Messenger 2.43 *working* chat heads & SMS [NO ROOT!]

    Ah, thank you. It looks like I didn't play with the settings enough.
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    Post [MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + Messenger 2.43 *working* chat heads & SMS [NO ROOT!]

    I'm running CM10 on the HTC EVO 4G LTE. I haven't updated in a while though. Thanks for getting this working. I just want to say that Facebook Home is running on top of the lockscreen. When I power on the phone, Facebook Home shows up, not my lockscreen. Once I click the home button on my phone...
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    Post [APK]New Adobe Flash Player It's already in this thread, which was updated yesterday.
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    Post [APP][4.0+] [UPDATED] Android 4.2 Keyboard With Gesture Typing

    Thanks for this. I'm enjoying this keyboard so. I have Swype too and I'm not sure which is better. My friend says this one lags on his Galaxy Nexus because it has to predict what the word is and display it. I haven't run into this problem yet, but he does type a lot faster than me and he says...