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    Post [KERNEL][11/09][2.5] Adam Kernel

    It s the first thing i did today.flashed cf auto root. Then i flashed the i9500 adam kernel which bricked my phone. I unbricked with original firmware. Then i flashed cwm,backed up and flashed the adam kernel,the i9595 vrrsion. Does this mean i lost root and have to root again? If so, after...
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    Post [KERNEL][11/09][2.5] Adam Kernel

    I fixed permissions but doesnt change anything. Also i can t find the knox files in system/app. How do i recognize them? Thx LE: i found them but cant delete them. Im using androzil and after i delete them they re still there!! Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [KERNEL][11/09][2.5] Adam Kernel

    Hey i installed the kernel via cwm but i keep getting this error. Any suggestiins on how to fix it? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda app-developers app
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    font change How could I change my font to helvetica s ? I have the font file but cant find font settings in this rom . Suggestions?
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    Post Samsung Exhibit 4G

    modem.bin for europe? tnx
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    Post Exhibit 4g apps

    thank ALOT !!! CHEERS :)
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    Thread Exhibit 4g apps

    Hello everyone Can I by any chance put my hands on a stock ROM or at least the stock APPS that come with the EXHIBIT 4G ? any help would be great!!!
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    Thread [Q] Samsung EXHIBIT 4G deleted applications > force close

    Hello everyone. Few days ago a friend of mine bought this Exhibit 4G ( T-579 i guess ) locked on T-mobile. Then, I unlocked it for him from nv_data.bin and later he went on to delete some system apps related to T-mobile. Now, the problem is he deleted some sys apps he shouldn't have and gets...
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    Post [Stock Official Firmwares] I9100XWMS2 (4.1.2) - Slovenia (MOT) [05-01-14]

    KERNEL flashing Okay so I have flashed XXLPQ, rooted it bla bla. Basically, now, can I flash any kernel or it must be an ICS kernel ? For example, I really like the 2.5.2 DarkKnight kernel from CheckROM team because of the incredible battery life... Can i flash it? Is it safe to do that?
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    Thread Camera instant photos

    Now i've been enjoying my sgs2 for 5 months and i love it but the only thing i dislike about it is that it doesn't make instant shots (like the iPhone) . I believe that would really put it on top .. And I was wondering if any developers could edit the camera app to do that, or add a special...
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    Post [Q] Call recording?

    DarkyRom2 XXKI3 Base ( 2.3.5 ) comes with an in-built call recorder which works very smooth , you can hear both sides very clear and it has a button in the call screen so it's very easy to use ..
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    Thread [help] CWM app lost after flashing ROM

    here is my problem : when i got my sgs2 i rooted in with a cwm kernel ; then , i flashed some 2.3.4 darky rom ( the stable one - deodexed r3 i think ) and everything was ok . a few weeks ago i decided to switch to 2.3.5 so i flashed the new darky rom but instead of flashing it in the CWM app i...
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    Post [Q] rom/kernel/android version/baseband question

    1. Just flash any CF-Root ? Or XXKG2 ? Won't there be a problem if i flash it over 2.3.4 ? and how do i flash it , like the first time with Odin or in DarkyROM2 Tool flashing CWM zip ? 2. Why doesn't my PC see my phone in USB with DarkyROM ? I installed Kies back on ; was that wrong ? Thanks again
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    Post fonts

    Try changing the encoding mode in Internet Browser > More > Settings > Text encoding . Try auto-detect !
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    Post [Q] rom/kernel/android version/baseband question

    Well I guess I'll be needing it for recovery? I see DarkyROM2 has recovery mode option but i don't see a backup option . Can you recommend a backup program or shall I flash CF-Root back on ?