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    Post [ROM] Resurrection-Remix-RR-v6.2.1-UNOFFICIAL[Ov8.1] for Samsung A5 2016 [A510XX]

    bluetooth sound have problem on calling, no mic or speaker voice through calling.maybe it caused by kernel configuration. i found no any bluetooth's options on developer optionsworks. when you change the settings, it happens nothing. when you select the speaker through the call screen , os will...
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    Post [KERNEL][A510/A710] SM Kernel v0.1 (TESTING)

    It seems sbin/mount cannot run on device and partitions didn't mount to modify. its a script problem, author must mount partitions on other methods. The problem is about to mounting partitions or right permissions to executive applets
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    Post [ROM] AOKP-OREO for Samsung A5 2016 [A510XX]

    Download Odin Download TWRP Reboot phone and run download mode Open odin software on your pc Connect your phone to pc Put downloaded twrp tar file into AP and Hit start on odin software and wait to...
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    Post [ROM] AOKP-OREO for Samsung A5 2016 [A510XX]

    Hi there are 2 methods for installing new firmwares and custom roms 1- Odin Method 2- Clockwork Recovery Mode Method 1: ODIN METHOD for Odin method you need to prepare the requirement files a: your phone USB drivers b: Odin software, Odin software will install the firmware into your phone c...
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    already i did it, i didi all modification on rom, then created an image from my phone. su make_ext4fs -s -l 1500M -a system /sdcard/system.img /system 1500MB is for S4mini 9192 i installed system.img alone from odin, shall i install all images at the same time? (e.g. kernel, recovery, modem...
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    Hi when i made system.img from my phone, SU was installed correctly, i just have problem when i restored the image from odin. the issue has fixed since i updated java version to 7.0 , now i have no any errors, just some warning from gcc. i just ignore them. allready i have problem on...
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    thank you A.S._id another question, it seems created images have not correct permissions on files, how can i fix this issue please?
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    Post [REF][I9500-I9505] How to repack galaxy S4 img files (system/cache)

    finally i made the system.img from my phone and it boots correctly , but there is no permissions for some files like su. I tried another way to make system.img from linux but no success too , as i checked the problem it caused by file permission problem, it seems many files have not correct...
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    Post [REF][I9500-I9505] How to repack galaxy S4 img files (system/cache)

    Hi , please someone describe where the 2764Mb is coming from? make_ext4fs -s -l 2764M -a system /sdcard/system.img /system i searched for partition table for i9500 but cant find this number lrwxrwxrwx root root 2013-03-26 16:07 SYSTEM -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p20 ************************ major...
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    some warning on 4.4.4 branch Building libselinux... removed ‘avc.o’ removed ‘avc_internal.o’ removed ‘avc_sidtab.o’ removed ‘booleans.o’ removed ‘callbacks.o’ removed ‘canonicalize_context.o’ removed ‘checkAccess.o’ removed ‘check_context.o’ removed ‘compute_av.o’ removed ‘compute_create.o’...
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    Hi A.S._id thank you for this great tool i have problem with this tool while compiling make_ext4fs Building make_ext4fs... /tmp/cchvqLaL.o: In function `main': make_ext4fs_main.c:(.text+0x530): undefined reference to `load_canned_fs_config' make_ext4fs_main.c:(.text+0x563): undefined...
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    Post Wifi disconnected periodically

    I don't care about the date of threads, i just care about the solution and help others! you just do your job, every forum has a admin moderator, and you are not one of them! so do your job. Best regards
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    Post Sign In To Wifi Network????

    Hi all [HowTo][INFO] Wifi Drop Caused by "Sign-in to WiFi Network" Notification [KitKat BUG] check my thread
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    Post WIFI AUTOMATICALLY DISCONNECTS and then connects on android phone :(

    check my fix