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    Post [ROM][SM-P905][UNOFFICIAL] Lineage 18.1 | Android 11 | 20210509

    BT is already crashed in the last 17 Version from 2020/12 several times. Maybe a common issue?
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    Post P905 TWRP can not mount dalvik cache anymore(?) after try to wipe. Has the Dalvik-cache an own partiton?

    For everyone who has the same issue: Please ensure that /system is mounted in TWRP. After mount the partition the wipe of the Dalvik/Art cache works without any errors
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    Thread P905 TWRP can not mount dalvik cache anymore(?) after try to wipe. Has the Dalvik-cache an own partiton?

    After flashing the original SW 5.02 ( without rezeize option) the /date partitontion was corrupt. I have repair the partition and in the forst momentall things looks like ok. If I want to wipe (Select Dalvik and cache) TWRP show mie the erroe message, that TWRP can not mount the Dalvik...
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    Post People still on Note Pro 12.2, will you be jumping ship to the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?

    I was going to the S7+ 5G , because the P905 is now so slow, that I can't use them anymore to play pinball. Interesting fact is, that it was possible in history....Also if I fall back to the stock rom with minimal apps...The games freeze more or less. The S7 is another Liga...but if I think of...
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] CrDroid-6.8 | Android 10.0 20200725

    If there is any code update / fixes include in the SW or only the security update? I mean the other thread contains also fixes (e. g. Screen rotation etc...) and the version before is over 1/2 year old
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 | Android 9.0 Pie 20200411

    Only perfomance issue direct with Magisk or was Magisk the reason for the bad performance overall?
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    Post New update 47.2.A.4.41

    I did NOT flash following files: Verzeichnis von C:\Austausch\G8141_DONT_FLASH_Customized CE1_1308-5321_47.2.A.8.24_R1C 04.03.2019 19:29 <DIR> . 04.03.2019 19:29 <DIR> .. 27.02.2019 18:15 293 auto-boot.ta 27.02.2019 18:15 243...
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] CrDroid-5.10 | Android 9.0 20191113

    Yesterday, I forgot my eyeglas at work... so only reflash a backup was possible. In the evening, I give the 19.02 Version a new try. I'll believe, I know why Magiask Manager didn't see the root: There was also a Bug-Report in the Magisk-Thread, that, if the old Manager is in the Background, the...
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] CrDroid-5.10 | Android 9.0 20191113

    I have used the same Version.... but the Manager 7.0 doesn't detect the Root (18.1) . I have flashed 18.1 some times, reboot ... the Manager didn't saw root. I checked this 3 times ... in between the CM Version ... no luck ?!?!? Does you install root systemless or let you TWRP patch the System...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    There is a loop in V18. 1 / Manager 7.0: Ive received the update Massage for the newer Version. I installed the Manager 7.0 after that the app told me, that Magisk 18.1 is not installed anymore. So I go to TWRP and flashed the 18.1 over the existing version. After boot I received once again...
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    Post [ROM] [ deb || flo ] AICP - 13.1 - O 8.1 | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

    Hmmm the DL from the rom in the first post doesn't work (404). Where I can found the link to the Rom?
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    Post Android 9 Pie Bugs Report (New Update : 47.2.A.10.28)

    The old apk isn't supported up from 2014... Pro version will be cost still ~4€... Use System Ui tuner instead... you will have also a Tilt in the Statusbar ;) (have try first GMD and switched to systemui (G8141)
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    Post [XZ1c/XZ1/XZp] temp root exploit to backup drm keys implemented

    Does it will help, if I post the temp. file which should be created during flashing with TWRP "/tmp/config" from the script?
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    Post [XZ1c/XZ1/XZp] temp root exploit to backup drm keys implemented

    How can you flash zip? I received at every time an error from TWRP, it doesn't matter if the zip is located on the SD-Card or in the internal memory After Maybe its importend: For Central Europe is only 47.2.A.2.33 available