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  • hi i couldnt find any sys.bat file in tools folder..or i have to meke it??can u guide me plz..
    ok buddy i give try for disbling pin.but this happens with each build,so no point in the build
    thx for helping me
    hi buddy
    can u plz help me out to fix this.i am using htc nike 23102.every time i cook a rom my pin screen goes like this

    i have excluded htc volume controle cab,as by including the volume icon doesnt work.
    can u plz tell me where to edit what to change the above image on my device.
    ur help will be highly appreciated
    Will check, but it's hard to keep it up-to-date, because HTC is always updating, I think you can just specify it to the major version.(like HTCScroll_2_0_xxxx instead of HTCScroll_2_0_19222310_00)
    theres always work being done. Its just i've been busy and haven't had time to upload new builds. You'll have to contact phhusson if you want some help with your device
    hi mate
    I am a bit surprised sir.we never interacted with each other yet u wanted to befriend with me.
    was it a mistake from u sir.
    would u upload them or there're just for your self? :D
    wish u luck with your ROMs!!
    i'm using Gen.Y 6.1
    i prefer 6.1 (6.5 drink my battery :D)
    i think i wont change my ROM so i didnt come to XDA :D
    how about u?
    what is your ROM now?
    Dont think so. You're raph has different hardware to all the other Raphaels. It would mean that we would have to do all alot of work for just one device. At this stage i dont think there is going to be any work done.
    Nothing has been coded for that at all, you have to reverse the radio protocol by yourself.
    Hi Buddy,

    hello too, just had no need to be on so much. The 23016.6 No HTC MSG you suggested (thanks for that) runs rock stable. So no need for fresh flashing now. Wait for a really good supstitude. I think when work leaves me a littele bit more time i'll be back asap.
    i completely forgot!
    sorry :D
    i tested all ROM and prefer Energy Roms (Start Button at the Top) :D
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