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Recent content by Magnetox

  1. Magnetox


    I'm on Android 11, the newest update. The twrp does not ask me for my pin when it starts up, and nothing works (access denied, not permitted, etc.). I've tried: twrp decrypt "my pin" And this doesn't work either in TWRP terminal. It tells me my pin is wrong. Any ideas?
  2. Magnetox

    Post General T-Mobile (SM-A326U) unlocking rules/terms.

    Dumps actually don't require root AFAIK, you sure? Even then, a T-Mobile unlocked person could easily root boot.img with magisk and then pull it.
  3. Magnetox

    Thread General Stock ROM (Canadian SM-A326W)

    Hey guys, Here is the stock rom (Canadian version) and the tools you need to flash it to your phone in download mode. This is just incase you brick your phone, it can recover your device even if you cannot factory reset. Here is the link to the rom and the tool you'll need (Odin). You will need...
  4. Magnetox

    Post Question Anyone tried to use Adb command to debloat this phone?

    Samsung has junk all over this device! Lol
  5. Magnetox

    Post Question Any chance that a phone like this can get aosp?

    If we can get it unlocked and rooted... I'd love to help development of AOSP for it.
  6. Magnetox

    Post Question Anyone tried to use Adb command to debloat this phone?

    I found more bloatware... went through the whole "pm list packages -f" personally.... Keep in mind I installed "Nova Launcher" before doing this and set it as my home launcher, because OneUI goes BYEBYE. Phone seems to be working fine, feel free to run this with your own device at your OWN...
  7. Magnetox

    Post Question Anyone tried to use Adb command to debloat this phone?

    Where can I get a list of all the apps looking like com.google.billing etc? In adb shell? Thanks! Ah I found it... it's this: pm list packages -f
  8. Magnetox

    Post General Variants

    Can you get the bootloader partition and post? It might be able to work.. I'll test on A326W https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-making-dump-files-out-of-android-device-partitions.2450045/
  9. Magnetox

    Post Question Does anyone know how to root this phone?

    If anyone gets an unlocked stock rom or a bootloader.img even please post it here, for example I've heard some people have been getting unlocked with T-Mobile. Follow the instructions on how to dump the unlocked bootloader.img here...
  10. Magnetox

    Post General T-Mobile (SM-A326U) unlocking rules/terms.

    Can anyone get a stock unlocked rom build from their phone that has been unlocked by T-Mobile? Even the bootloader.img? We could all flash it and it might work for us. For example, Taking a dump of the bootloader partition such as this...
  11. Magnetox

    Post Delete please

    Sorry guys, This thread is now defunct. I have moved to iPhone. Wish you the best. Regards, Magnetox
  12. Magnetox

    Post Delete please

    So guys I've decided to not do anything except rooted stock... I believe that's what most people are looking for so things like carrier mods or whatever will not be done. Feel free to add any mods in this thread though, and I'll update the post with optional mods. Take care!
  13. Magnetox

    Post Delete please

    Nowadays, since there is the android backup and restore via Google, why not just wipe everything? That's probably the issue. I don't recommend changing the flashing script. Try running it with "-w". It will take like 30 mins to redownload all your apps on a good connection post-flash.
  14. Magnetox

    Post Delete please

    It has been updated to the newest February build!