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  • Dear Mahmoud
    i am Sameh From Egypt , i got HTC touch cru. i would like to install arabic for it + they sent me a cd with some programs like prayer times , and after instlation , i found a mess, ( the mobidiv is expired plz visit web site mobigolbel...

    thanks for your support
    ja, maar het probleem is als mijn mobile de backlight uitschakeld en ik druk dan op de knop om terug in te schakelen, en ik slide, dan gaat het even weg en komt the S2U2 weer terug.. Dus ik moet eigenlijk telkens 2 keer sliden. :)
    Het is al opgelost. kheb een andere regeditor gedownload en nu kon ik wel dingen verwijderen. Toch bedankt :)

    Btw, welke lock gebruik je? want kheb complicaties met S2U2?
    hey mahmood, bestaat er een manier om een register te verwijderen? want ik heb perongeluk ergens gedrukt, en er is een register bijgemaakt...

    Gelieve te antwoorden via [email protected]
    Dear Mahmood,

    Hi, I am Xda-developers memeber (mixerjeden) and have asked everywhere in Forums whether anyone can make a cab of the newest HTC Camera sofware for ATHENA VGA CAMERA (for example from WM6.1 that ATHENA X7510 has) but i haven't got any answer:( . I have VGA mode enabled thaks to MvRTrueVGA for WM6.
    Could you please make such a cab or mindestens tell me what kind of newest camera software could be suitable for ATHENA (I know that wont work on ATHENA and it is designed for Kaiser). I will donate.
    I have heard that new camerasoft is better than mine (I have X7500 Athena with HTC WM6 update ROM english and camera soft version 4.01 build 27598)

    Dear Mahmood,

    I have looked at your own site but is don't understand tweak 17.
    17. Show GPS icon (Settings-Connections) .
    Registry: HKLM\ControlPanel\GPS Settings
    Key: Group (dWord)
    Value: 2 (Show)

    Key: Hide (dWord)
    Value: 1 (Hide GPS icon)

    This tweak will not work with my TC. When i put one my GPS there is no icon.
    Please help.

    Please help me with some stupid problem
    I see this :
    17.T9 input dictionary of different Language packs for your keyboard

    here are some T9 languages input cabs that u can install these are the following languages
    t9 (462KB)
    t9 Danish (399KB)
    t9 (399KB)
    t9 (379KB)
    t9 (390KB)
    t9 Finnish (437KB)
    t9 (393KB)
    t9 (498KB)
    t9 (459KB)
    t9 (393KB)
    t9 (399KB)
    t9 (427KB)
    t9 (387KB)
    t9 (404KB)
    t9 (450KB)
    t9 (444KB)
    t9 (392KB)
    t9 (399KB)
    t9 (377KB)
    t9 (471KB)

    i have packed them all in one RAR map download and unrar and install the language u want :

    Ok I downloaded and install but when I try to change the language I don't find the x language. Please tell me if I need to do something else.
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