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    Thread ROOT XT2095-1 MOTO E7 SUCCESS

    i managed to unlock the xt2095-1 bootloader but at the same time i corrupted imei I need your help so I can continue my work MY TELEGRAM: Mod edit: TG link removed.
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    Post TWRP 3.4.0 unofficial TEST

    hello, your data is probably encrypted so you probably won't be able to recover your data because of that
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    Post TWRP 3.4.0 unofficial TEST

    Hi, did it work on your device? Oi, deu algum sinal de vida no seu celular?
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    Thread TWRP 3.4.0 unofficial TEST

    hi I made a twrp port for moto e7 but i can't test it and i need help with vbmeta (if necessary) I used the Redmi 9A image with helium G25 If you want to test and get any results comment here
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    Thread Moto E7 (malta) Device Tree and Kernel

    Hi, I created a Device Tree for Moto E7 and I created a repository on Github also with the kernel source code I tried to compile the twrp for the device but unfortunately the computer I borrowed doesn't have enough memory. If you want to compile Twrp or a mod Kernel you are free to use the...
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    Thread Extract Recovery From Moto E7

    I want to try to build twrp for this device does anyone know how to extract the recovery.img from this device?
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    Post Does anyone have TWRP for Moto e7 (XT2095-1) MT6762V/WB?

    do you have the bootloader unlocked?
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    Hi I extracted the boot.img from moto e7 xt2095-1 (malta) and patched it through Magisk. I will leave the download link if anyone wants to try it. (Sorry for my English, I'm using the translator)