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    Post Wireless charger charging very slow

    I have to say I've tried again few nights and it's working better. What matters is the position on the charger. If it's a bit off it charges slower. I guess case may be slowing it down as well.
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    Thread Wireless charger charging very slow

    Yes, I know that any other charger than pixel stand won't charge faster than 5W. But still, I've got baseus simple wireless charger (2A) and connected my pixel 3 xl for the night. It had about 45% before and about 55% in the morning. So it got about 10% in 6 hours. That's super slow. I've tested...
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    Post Active edge, how does it work?

    Thanks. So that's the reason. Indeed, there's no Google assistant in my country yet. So then it's useless... I thought my phone is broken or something.
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    Thread Active edge, how does it work?

    I've just purchased my first pixel phone. I wanted to test active edge, but I don't really know how to activate it. In settings I've set sensivity to the lowest and indeed it reacts when I squeeze the phone. But only in this screen in settings. Even though it says it's on, no matter how much I...
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    Post Problem with speaker/jack

    Anyone help?
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    Post [Theme EMUI 3.1 & EMUI 4.0] Android N

    Please reupload on another site, thanks!
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    Well, a lot of scratches, but they aren't that visible on black texture. However I've taken off front skin, because when phone was heating up (while playing some games) sticky glue was going from it. Fall damage? Well - it doesn't give you any protection from falling on the ground and any other...
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    Thread Problem with speaker/jack

    Hi, recently my Nexus refused to charge. I mean it was said it's charging, but percent was always the same (even when turned off). It turned out that it was an issue with usb charging port. So I've bought a new charging port, which is also merged with headphone jack port. Anyway after replacing...
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    After a week of usage I have to say it got some scratches on back (several). Fortunately there aren't that much visible.
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    Yeah I like it. Material is nice to touch and looks durable. But who knows how really tough it is, we'll see in few weeks. One downside is front skin covers notification led! Because of that it's very dim.
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    Here are photos: Sorry for reflection, but I needed strong light to capture black texture of skin :)
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    Just got my skin today! I didn't expect it so early. Anyway it's not easy task to put this skin (and any other as well i guess). I left my metal bumper, because it love how it's looking. So only top and back skin are on. Gonna post some photos maybe tomorrow :D
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    Post Skin instead of case?

    Ordered Brushed 3D: Black. We'll see how it performs.
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    Thread Skin instead of case?

    Hi, I've recently found out about skins - an interesting alternative for cases. To be honest, I couldn't find any good case for this phone. Now I'm using Nilikin Case - it's slim, looking pretty good, but has cracks in few places already. I guess it doesn't give me any protection anyway in case...
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    Post [Update] P7-L10C900B852(OTA: B839>B852)

    Is this worth installing?