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  • Pinch to Zoom causes abend in Windows 6.5 (HTC Touch Pro2 CDMA)? Do we have latest CAB available??? Is it possible to have Opera 10 use the Hardware Zoom? Thanks.
    hi, Makeveral, I'm from Ukraine.
    I and my friends very like your rom for diamond (BsB 6.5.1G), but we want russian language. I know that your diamond is dead, can you give me your kitchen BsB 6.5.1G for translaite it. After translate I'l post it on with link to your post on xda-developers.
    Sorry for my english.
    Hey makeveral, i tried your rom but phone bricked can you suggest any other great roms. I am currently using Energy Rom. And when are gonna post a new rom for the diamond?
    Hi Friend !
    What The Last Rom of htc diamond ? i found BsB651G is the last one.
    Please Ask me as soon as
    i like this rom's
    Great work & thanks
    Hello ... just installed BsB tweaks 1.6 on my new HTC HD2 and got the message ... this application requires a newer version of mican you help??
    Hello dude, just writting to thank you for this wonderfull tweak software BsB Tweak 1.5. Keep-up the good work. Watching for new updates every-single-day!

    BTW, I just made you a 10€ donation (= 14$). Transaction number: 23361815B7284051C
    Hello, help me, I beg you.
    Could you send me the registry key to modify WM6.5 of HD2, which is the number of HD Tweak 2.2 Tweak 0.5.4
    Thank you very much

    Bonjour, aidez-moi, je vous en supplie.
    Pourriez-vous me transmettre la clé de registre à modifier de WM6.5 du HD2, qui correspond au numéro de Tweak 2.2 du HD Tweak 0.5.4
    Merci infiniment
    can you check out post 5858 on your ROM thread please mate
    Hi Mak,
    Been using BSB long time thought I would try customising a bit more with PE-explorer. Managed everything apart from setting the modified bronzeres.dll file back into windows folder. Managed to resign with a smart phone certificate, but i still cant overwrite the bronzeres.dll file in windows. I dont know if you can help me i hope so as I have been trying all day, and dont seem to find a answear here on XDA or on PPCGeeks and all the other countless sites I have been on today. If you can help I would appreciate your time.
    Hi friend i am using BsB 6.5.1C
    Firstly can i say you are a genius in what you do i was worried about upgrading and the guides on here were excellent and your ROM is fantastic i dont even want to try a different ROM now, but i ask one question i been going through your thread and tried a few cabs, all i want is to be able to have the volume control i had in my original rom, you no the big slide thing that controlled them both, please is there a way to have this im a noob really but willing to experiment and have fun thank you for your time.
    Hi Friend,
    First time using your ROM BsB [09/10][BETA]WM6.5.1 (build 23064)
    Have a problem
    Unable to sync contacts in my outlook express
    Please advise
    HE visto la ROM que has colgado y tiene muy buena pinta y estoy bastante interesado en instalarmela pero me da un poco de apuro....

    La ultima vez que intente instalar una ROM me cargue la HTC.....:mad:

    Podrias echarme un cable.... he estado leyendo manuales y demas y la instalacion que hice la ultima vez parecia que fue bien pero alfinal no pasaba del logo de Orange....

    pd- esta rom viene con windows mediamarket???

    Un saludo y muchas gracias!!!
    Hi, Your roms are awesome thanx, could you please upload the version BsB6.5Q to some alternative mirrors pls, here in south africa the rapidshare is blocked,

    Kind regards ContraSpec

    PS. Thanx in advance
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