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    Post [GUIDE] Flashing unapproved firmwares (online FullOTA-MF firmwares)

    Thanks for this! I am unable to root my phone because DCUnlocker doesn't work with FRD-L14. But, with this tutorial, I was able to upgrade to Oreo/EMUI8 by downloading the FRD-L14C567B560 firmware. Obviously I had to use Method 1 since I'm not rooted, and I also couldn't do section A...
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    Post [Guide] Unlock Bootloader // Install TWRP // Root

    Thanks for replying. I had no problem paying for DCUnlocker, but for some reason it doesn't work with my model number FRD-L14. :crying: It shouldn't be so difficult to unlock the dang things!
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    Post [Guide] Unlock Bootloader // Install TWRP // Root

    I've installed the tool, but I don't see where it would give you the unlock code? It just asks for it to be typed in.
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    Post [TOOL] Huawei Multi-Tool v8 by Team MT

    Nevermind. I downloaded the version directly from the pro-teammt RU website and then it upgraded to beta and works without crashing. :D I also have this same error when it opens. (Version The bottom of the MT program says "Downloading AdbWinUsbApi.dll" and then a Critical...
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    Post [KERNEL][Tissot][Q][10][Treble][v10.0][4.9] Moun Kernel LOS and AOSP

    System Stock Oreo 8.1 August I flashed in TWRP; rebooted as the instructions said. It booted fine, but most of my apps had a 3-4 second delay before they loaded. Reverted to stock kernel and they loaded normally. I read through the whole thread and didn't see anyone else with this issue; I...
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    Post [APP][ROOT/NONROOT][OFFICIAL] AdAway v5.3.0

    I just fresh installed Magisk 5.8.3 and AdAway 4.0.7 today on stock Oreo 8.1 on Xiaomi MI A1. On AdAway first run, when I was applying the host file, I, too, was stuck forever. There was no prompt for me to allow AdAway root access. I ended up killing AdAway. Then was curious if something...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r43][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.8 [OMS/DUI]

    Oops, I meant the amount of time holding down the button, not what the corresponding button does. I would like more of a delay when holding down the button before it does the action.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r43][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.8 [OMS/DUI]

    Installed AospExtended ROM V5.6, per instructions. Everything seems to be working, except that I'm having a problem with the wifi, it keeps cutting out. Anyone else having issues? Also, is there a way to edit the long press of the navigation buttons?
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    Post ROOT MI A1 (OREO 8.0-8.1) without disabling ota with magisk

    For those that aren't seeing the "direct method" option with the, it is because of what marhensa said. The May .13 update patched_boot.img posted in the 28-May-2018 post by vaibhav011286 worked for me. Hope this helps.
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    Post Your Google Play Store is blocked? Search/request your app here!

    Could one be so kind and upload the latest ITV Hub Thanks ---------- Post added at 08:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:51 PM ---------- Would someone please upload the latest channel 4 app, also known as ALL4? Thanks...
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    Post [ROM][6.0][UNIFIED]Radium Redefined M![AROMA]

    (I did not hit quote! Sorry that showed up) Thank you for this! I had tried other MM roms in the past, but kept going back to LP. I don't know how I missed this Stock MM rom though. I installed it this weekend, and, ""Boom goes the dynamite, Hakuna Matata, Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin it!"" -...
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    Post [ROM - LP 5.1.1] [LINARO] Euphoria-OS [Discontinued]

    Thank you so much for the update, especially since v6 is out! : victory:
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    Post [ROM][AROMA][5.0.2] Radium Redefined [UNIFIED]

    I like the sound of the AROMA installer instead of the two versions RAR/RARP. Downloading it now and can't wait to try it out. Thanks in advance for all your work.
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    Post Sailfish OS

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    Post Sailfish OS