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    Thread Fast charging 33w

    Is lg v30 support fast charging 33w ?
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    Post Only LTE works on V300L

    Use 4g switcher app
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    Thread LG V30 V300LP30 UPDATE

    With the latest online update of my v30 v300lp30, the performance seems to me faster than Android 8, as the antutu app gives me a score of 254,000 that I didn't get in version 8 , But this update is accompanied by a factory reset
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    Post Battery

    اا I understand, thank you very much
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    Post Battery

    Thank you, But with the application that you spoke about, it gave me 94 percent, and for a full day it consumed 80 percent of the entire charge, I mean, most likely the app is working efficiently
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    Post Battery

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    Post Battery

    Thank you so much
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    Post Battery

    Thank you 4 the info
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    Post Update

    Thank you
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    Thread Battery

    For those who used the phone for three years, how is your battery condition?
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    Post Update

    I have the Korean version. Can I install the version you have? If yes, can you give me the link?
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    Thread Update

    Please, is it better to keep Android 8 or update to Android 9, in terms of speedy performance and longer battery life?
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    Post Battery

    Than Thank you so much