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    Thread failed signature / CWM

    E invalid command argument Finding update package opening update package verifying update package failed to vertfiy whole file signature signature verification failed fixed after using a cwm recov and using a rom from
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][B3][GT-I9060][GRAND NEO] GenNxt Pre-Rooted Stock

    i want to hit/say thank you, i brick my phone and thanks to this i fixed it
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    Post [CWM][PHILZ] [ RECOVERY] [GT-I9060] [GALAXY GRAND NEO] CWM 6.0.36

    rutvikrvr Success, i now have this cwm in my device and i want to backup ( i want to use xposed framework) i am doing this backup at the moment and i have two questions about it backup is saved in my external sd card ? so can i take it from external sd card and paste it in my computer, and...
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    Post [APP][1.5+] Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED), remote control your phone

    i find this the only useful app, incase you want to find out who stole your phone, his current position, his numbers, you can take photos, import photos, text the phone, take numbers.. call numbers ( i would call myself to get the number) and many more i ve installed this app and locked it...
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    Post GTA Sanandreas Lags in Samsung S4

    there's an app "GLtools" it helps increasing fps
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    Post Problem with Samsung Galaxy S3

    try to install the usb driver
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    Thread [Q] factory reset after modifiying system files ?

    hi i iv rooted my Galaxy grand neo gti-9060 with Vroot i used some (root) tool to delete bloatware apps and i modified the system's resolution, i wonder, if i do a factory reset from the setting in the phone menu, after all of that, what would happen to the phone can i do a factory reset...
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    Post [CWM][PHILZ] [ RECOVERY] [GT-I9060] [GALAXY GRAND NEO] CWM 6.0.36

    Hey and thanks for the tuto i have a question, i see "External SD card not working" in bugs it means that if i do all of this, no sd card would work in my phone ? rutvikrvr
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    Post [APP][2.2+]GLtools 1.99XDA [Graphic Optimizer][Updated][20-3-16]

    Thanks, it works on Samsung galaxy grand neo GT i9060
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    Post [APP][4.2.2][Non root] How to download an MP3 file from an internet browser ?

    Thanks, i still can't believe that this type of applications or whatever doesn't exist for android, wow , i am obliged to put the links by my own hands each time i want to download an MP3 file or ... and wait, its not even working most of the times. i got disapointed My last chance, is there...
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    Thread [APP][4.2.2][Non root] How to download an MP3 file from an internet browser ?

    Hi excuse me if i am posting in a wrong section i am looking for an application similar to IDM the PC program, one application witch detect any music played on the internet browser and it must give me the ability to download it i don't want to copy files links and paste it in a download...