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    Post [NOBLE ROM 1.4 OneUI 3.1 FULL PORT][06/21 Patches][15/06/2021][SM-N960F/FD/N--SM-G96xF/FD/N]

    So guys,is it a need,or recommanded to install this nice idea?Since i have the N9 its on stockrom;orginal.Should i flassh this here????
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    Post [Rom][6.0.1] [N7 PORT][N900X][THE PUNISHER SERIES][NORMA ROM][V17]

    can you offer a good rom for the N3ìn 2020?:confused:
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    Post Petition: Give Android 11 for Note9!

    Android 11 is not possible!
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    Post Would you recommend a Note 9 now, in mid 2020?

    After one year with the N9,a great device without problems,i would buy a Note 10+....
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    Post Note 9 users, will you be getting the Note 10+?

    The same by me,keep the Note 9,maybe there are good customroms in the future,but not before update to Android the moment i dont see a reason to change anything;the Note 9 is running nearly it!:p
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    Post [ROM][S9/S9+/N9][PIE][2019-12-09] ** THE GALAXY PROJECT ** [XXU4CSK1-v1.7.0]

    I had this rom on my s7e,wonderful amazing work,realy. Now since 2 days i got a new N9;is it worth to flash this rom?Advantage/disadvantage...i´m not shure:Any thoughts about?
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    Post [01.03.2019]NEW G935FXXS4ESAE LITE ODEX

    questions over question...answers?
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Or use a charger with less power!?!
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    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Can i flash the BL with TWRP or Flashify?In the downloadsection is a .zip file for it.It should work properly,or?BTW a very good rom,after 2 days now my S7e is fast,stable,all funktion are working and with a new akku its no problem to go thru the day,thanks a lot for this. How can i change from...