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    Thanks ^^ and yahh it really depends on the day/musclegroup, i don't go to a gym yet, my mom didn't allow me and now where i've turned 16, everything is closed due to covid :/ I do warmup before thats about 10-15 mins alone^^, i do mostly bodyweight ecercises, i've got 2 dumbbells (with up to...
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    Post Hi, i'm Manuel

    Thanks ^^; I'll 🤘 and i'll never stop 💪 Thank you ^^ 😀
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    Thread Hi, i'm Manuel

    Hey^^ I'm Manuel (i've turned 16 in march), i've been here many times with my older phones when there were problems (such as move more stuff to sd card xD) I spent the most of my spare time into gaming and my workout (started lifting 2 years ago, i do everything at home ^^, it's usually 1.5 -...