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    Post [ROM][11.0.0] AospExtended ROM V8.0 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Very nice rom, so smooth. But I have a problem: does magisk work on you? If I install magisk 20.4 zip package, it's not seen by magisk manager and I can't root it. I have a situation like this: I've tried also to patch boot.img and install the patched file but it doesn't change anything.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][beryllium] AOSPK - The Kraken Project [2020/12/16]

    Hello, Can I flash this rom also if in my device I have an Android 9 Rom? It's a long time I don't flash roms on my devices... but I have a twrp (I'll update it) and bootloader unlocked
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    Thank you very much. On the contrary, if I have miui and twrp, and I flash a new miui (without ota, simply flashing the rom through twrp), will it keep twrp? Otherwise, can i flash miui without twrp (through stock recovery or any tool)?
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    Hi, it is the first time I use Poco f1 and I have a question... after unlocking bootloader, can I install the last Xiaomi Update (MIUI 10 Global Stable and then root and install twrp? And eventually, can I install future Xiaomi updates (with root, twrp and unlocked bootloader)?
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    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    Hi, I should buy a new smartphone (350$ or less). I am interested at modding and performance (also at camera ecc but modding and performance are the most important requirements). I thought of buying pocophone f1. Do you agree? I am not sure because maybe it could be better to wait the next...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][TREBLE] CarbonROM CR 7.0 Pie Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    Does Adoptable Storage work with this rom?
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    I flashed today this rom and it's wonderful! Smooth and fast, perfect for daily use. Moreover I used Magisk 17 and these gapps, and they perfectly worked for me.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][8.1][14/06] Lineage OS for Huawei P8 Lite 2017 (all variants)

    Hi, the rom is great and smooth, but i have a question. My security patch is April 2018 (so i think that my vendor or kernel is not updated to june patch). How can I update them?
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    Post [ROM][PRA-LX1] Haky86's LineageOS 15.1 Oreo Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    Hi, can i flollow your guide about Emui 8.x installation and then flash this rom if I have on my phone Twrp and Elite Rom 7.6 (Emui 5.1.1)? Moreover, can I do it if my device is PRA L11(forgive me for all these questions, but I have seen that the procedure is quite complex)?
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    Post [Elite ROM][EMUI 5.1.1] Elite ROM v7.7 for Honor 8 Lite by HassanMirza01

    Thank you! I installed it now and it's very nice and smooth!
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    Post [Elite ROM][EMUI 5.1.1] Elite ROM v7.7 for Honor 8 Lite by HassanMirza01

    So, do I have to flash the stock rom for my device (P8 lite 2017) and then to restore data from my backup? I noticed that all the system is not stable (camera doesn't work, and so the microphone ecc)
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    Post [Elite ROM][EMUI 5.1.1] Elite ROM v7.7 for Honor 8 Lite by HassanMirza01

    I installed the v6 version of this rom with all the necessary patches, but it wasn't smooth and it showed some problems (there were many crashes, NFC started to be on and of ecc). So I restored my backup of the previous version, but also the restored rom is not stable, and I have again the...