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  • Hi,
    First of all I want you to say nice job with NexTheme. I haven't already bought the Nexus One but when I will sure add your theme!
    The question I have is to tell me how to make my own style for Nexus One.
    I am waiting for a fast reply.

    Can you please keep working for G1 material? Mucho gracies.
    Hi buddy thanks for your great works .
    i love a nexdeep theme too buddy can u update that theme for ?
    I guess I'm like the others in trying to find the link to this SICK Rom. I'm dying to find try it. I've used a couple other Nexus ROMs but they froze up my phone after a while. I hear this one is the shiznit!
    ok man thanks i found the rom link i got it on my phone...sweet i give you a lot of props best rom...everything works good but if you got the camcorder working that would be awesome dude just let me know if you ever fix that...thanks a lot i appreciate it greatly
    Hey...this rom sounds sick and I'm dying to have it but your link is not up here...can you please give me the link...greatly appreciated
    hey I was just wondering if your rom will work on the engineering SPL 2010?? I know you say the danger spl but since 2010 is above it I wasn't sure.
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