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    Post [ROM][11]Android Open Source illusion Project (27 Feb)[hotdogg][Unofficial]

    Try this.. Settings --> network & internet --> mobile network --> preferred network type mess around with those... try NR/LTE .. if not, try NR only... go down that list of network types and see if it fixes your issue.
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    Post [ROM][11]Android Open Source illusion Project (27 Feb)[hotdogg][Unofficial]

    I think you skipped the first step - before you fastboot -w, you have to do 'Fastboot reboot fastboot'
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    Post [ROM][11]Android Open Source illusion Project (27 Feb)[hotdogg][Unofficial]

    Damn sourceforge I've been trying all night to download it - Ive used Jdownloader in hopes it would re-try throughout the night, it inevitably fails - chrome fails... If it would be helpful - I dont mind hosting the 2 most current builds on my personal google drive - It's going to be much more...
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    Thread Screen Protector?
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    Post Screen Protector?

    Anybody found a good screen protector for the McLaren ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC] [2020]

    Tmobile Mclaren - 5G lost? Any other issues? Hey Guys, I searched and read all the replies, including the one in the FAQ regarding this rom and the 5G Tmobile Mclaren version of this rom. I bought the McLaren 5G Tmobile version tonight.. currently running a OP6 with RR and love it. Hoping to...
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    Post Coming from OnePlus 6

    So, are these things possible ?
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    Thread Coming from OnePlus 6

    Hey Guys, There is a TON of development for the oneplus 6. I bought my daughter this phone as it was highly recommended and fairly inexpensive... I really want to achieve 2 things. TWRP Magisk Is that currently possible ? I need to install a bunch of apps that require root and Magisk is...
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    Post [ROM][10.0_r46][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q [GCAM][OOSCAM][09/20/2020]

    Not true - Chase app has issues. The chase app, even when I turn on Magisk Hide - ive been on the stable channel and the beta channel - both, Chase app detects root. I cannot add new Zelle recipients. It flashes a warning that the device is rooted. I cant find a way around it. ---------- Post...
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    Post [KERNEL][OOS/CUSTOM] mcd-kernel [r3]

    Lineage support... Im currently running Resurrection Remix on my OP6, Enchilada. Will this kernel work on this rom? It is lineage based.
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    Post [GCam] OnePlus 6 / 6T

    7. 3 gcam - playground Hello!! I have been using a version of the 7.3 gcam.. It works great but I can't get playground to work. Has anybody had any luck getting it to work? I've installed all the AR stuff and the playground packs.
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    Post [ROM][10.0_r46][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q [GCAM][OOSCAM][09/20/2020]

    Android Auto I would like to report that android auto works! It does have a few little glitches but the main functions are all there.
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    Post [ROM][10.0_r46][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q [GCAM][OOSCAM][09/20/2020]

    And it worked this time as well, many thanks.
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    Post [ROM][10.0_r46][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix Q [GCAM][OOSCAM][09/20/2020]

    That's awesome advice. It is so damn annoying to click through the play store and have to weed through the 1000 apps you've ever installed in the past 10 years. Thanks man.