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    Post [TEST] Dolby Atmos equalizer for OxygenOS 11 (without root!)

    This is actually not true.. I managed to get this working on OxygenOS 10. Exactly the same steps and I have not rooted my oneplus 8.. On OxygenOS 11 the app force closes. Maby this new apk will work.
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    Post [Guide] [No Root] How to unlock Dolby Atmos equalizer (OxygenOS 10 Only!))

    Just updated to oxygen 11, the app crashes.. I hope this works soon on oxygen 11!
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    Post Automate hotspot

    Thanks, I will try these!
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    Thread Automate hotspot

    hi guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right section. does anyone know if it is possible to automate the hotspot of my OnePlus 8 when connected to my Bluetooth carkit. it would be a very nice option. tasker is not working, I tried working with the developer but we could not manage to get it...
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    Post [OP8PRO][OOS 11AA/BA/DA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Thanks for your reply. I am using stock OnePlus cable. It is not working.. still getting the same error.. Guess the only way to fix this is bringing the phone back to the store..
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    Post [OP8PRO][OOS 11AA/BA/DA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Hi, My european Oneplus 8 is bricked and there is a message telling: device is corrupt and can not be trusted, the device will not boot. not i was happy to see there is a unbrick tool but get stuck at "firehose comnication handshake failed". i did exactly what you tell in your discription. i...
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    Post Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Great!! Thanks for the help!
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    Post Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Ah ok. I am familiar with roms like lineage and RRos Are these xiaomi stock ROM's customisable like these roms? How is mui compare to stock android?
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    Post Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Thanks for your response. Which ROM did you flash? On xiaomi.eu I can only find stock roms.
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    Thread Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Hi Guys, I want to get my hands on a Xiaomi mi 10. But im not sure because I want to root and have te possibility to change roms. I'm not familiar with Mui so I'm checking the options to customise before I buy. Anyone who can provide some information? Thanks in advance.
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    Post [Firmware][EMUI 9] BLA-L29 C432

    ante0 Do you know if there are any available sound mods for emui 9?
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    Post Sound mod - Dolby Atmos mate 10 (Pro) (Oreo)

    Ah that's true, the attached file is Dolby for oreo
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    Post Sound mod - Dolby Atmos mate 10 (Pro) (Oreo)

    Well you can try openkirin omnirom which runs on pie. And after try Dolby.
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    Thread Custom ROM mediatek unit MTK8227L

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a custom ROM available for this unit? It is running on android 8.1 at the moment. mediatek unit MTK8227L Quad-Core If you need more info I'm happy to provide. Thanks in advance!
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    Post Sound mod - Dolby Atmos mate 10 (Pro) (Oreo)

    I have not tried yet. This Dolby Atmos is for Oreo. Dont know if it is compatible with Pie. Are you running stock ROM?