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    Post [ABANDONED][ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL]Potato Open Sauce Project[UNIFIED][REDMI NOTE 8/T]

    Support 4 mtk new source kernel g90t Thank u very much for ur effort. Recently mediatek provided t source code 4 it's new g90t CPU. Is it possible to see it rom for t redmi note 8 pro ? Thank u
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    Post [ROM][9][ginkgo]Pixel Experience for Redmi Note 8

    Source code ARE UPLOADED ---------- Post added at 11:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:00 PM ----------...
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    Post [ROM][9][ginkgo]Pixel Experience for Redmi Note 8

    RN8 pro mediatek Thank u very much, but what about t redmi note 8 pro ?
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    kenzo nightly cannot read current MODEM version: -2 Very good work, until about last week. I have dwnloaded ur nightly for my kenzo until some days ago, when I have installed it and I have got this message during the recovery installation : xiaomi.verify_modem() filed to read current MODEM...