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Recent content by mariostjr

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    Post Question CN Rom "overwrite" with Global ROM

    I managed to get it working, downloaded last full rom from recovery using wifi and did a factory reset. The problem was i downloaded google play apk form web (i think). With the last rom clean, i downloaded the google play from vivo app store and then managed to get google contacts working.
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    Post Question Third party launchers and stock Navigation gestures

    Same here, i cant use gesture with Nova Laucher, when i swipe up it come back to stock laucher and set it as default.
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    Post General [X60 PRO+] Chinese variant - Official Stock ROM Collection

    I managed to get this full rom from Recovery, there is a option to download the full last rom and burn. I use another phone with photo google translator to navegate in the menu.
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    Post Question CN Rom "overwrite" with Global ROM

    Just tried to flash that global rom from india and unsuccessful too. Recovery dont accept global rom and Im having problems with google contacts sync, cant get it to work.
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    Post {ROM}{BlackPearl}{OREO}{Stable/Smooth/Fast}

    My only problem is with copy and past text, copy text just don't work. Nothing goes to transfer area. WiFi signal is normal. No random reboot.
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    great ROM, just the new shortcut for screen capture "power + volume down" isn't working in my case.