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    Post [Q] Best for battery

    A Nougat release of Leedroid would you suggest? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Best for battery

    I recently purchased a HTC 10. I have it rooted and s-off. I find the battery life rather poor, again it was kind of expected as my old HTC 7 and 8 were pretty poor. The 10 came with the latest and last sense firmware which is Oreo. Last week I downgraded to Nougat firmware and installed the...
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    Thread [Q] Sunshine and not rooted

    I just bought a used HTC 10 yesterday. It came with stock Oreo and locked, basically an untouched device. I have used HTC before and played with them many years ago. Anyways, decided to unlock the bootloader and flash a custom rom. All great however I am finding the battery life is pretty poor...
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    Post Viper10 6.0.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓

    I can't seem to find an active download link to v 6.0. Found it on Androidfilehost, but no active mirrors.
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    Thread [Q] Budget with best wifi

    Hello all, I am staying somewhere with a relatively weak wifi signal. Some of my devices get more bars than others. Can any recommend the best budget device that has the overall best wifi reception? Ie the device can pick up on a weak signal better? I want to use this device to bluetooth as a...
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r20] AospExtended v5.4

    I appreciate the roms are discontinued and Fedray no longer works with the G5, but have all the downloads been removed? I was hoping to find a copy of the last release of this rom. Anyone? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Oreo battery life

    Hello Since upgrading my firmware to Oreo 8.1 I find the batter life on my G5 Cedric poor, and it's even worse if I flash a custom 8.1 rom. Currently on Atomic 8.1, and with light to moderate use after 7 hours I go from 100% to 35%. I don't know whether it's a case of my battery needs...
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    Thread Xposed on 8.1

    Hi I just recently flashed the 8..1 firmware on my Cedric, it works great. Has anyone successfully got Xposed to work? I tried the flash the latest version from Rovo dated back to January 2018, but it causes a bootlop. If it is not going to work, I guess I'll flash a custom rom to get some...
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    Post Official Oreo 8.1.0 OPP28.85-16 Fastboot Firmware (and how to relock BL with it).

    Thanks for the firmware, it saved my hard bricked device too as I needed a newer firmware. Anyone know if xposed/gravitybox works on this release? I tried it and I get a bootloop. I had to run the uninstaller script to remove xposed. Apologies, I appreciate xposed is not related to this...
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    Post [Guide] [Unbrick] How to revive a hard bricked Moto G5

    I could not find a later firmware, other than the 8.1 Oreo firmware from south America that was posted in the news forum on here. Either way, it flashed as it was clearly the newest firmware possible and yippee, the old G5 is alive again. I assume if I want to downgrade to a lower firmware, I...
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    Post [Guide] [Unbrick] How to revive a hard bricked Moto G5

    Ok, this fix works just fine and I can boot into bootloader and even the existing firmware that I originally screwed up with. But, when I reflash the firmware, each CMD line gives the following with system, partition, bootloader and so forth (bootloader) has-slot: ***** not found Other than...
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    Thread [Q] J6 mods

    I just got myself a J6 device. Very happy with it so far. As there are no custom roms for this device, are there any xposed mods that may work for the firmware, such as center clock, advanced power menu? Thanks,
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    Thread [Q] Upgrading to Oreo weird things with 4g

    Ok, for the past for few days I'm having problems upgrading to an Oreo rom. I have the xt1675 UK based cedric, running Nougat stock. I am actually now in the Netherlands on a Dutch provider and the phone works fine. However as soon as I flash an Oreo based rom in TWRP, the phone cannot find my...
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    Post [Q] twrp 64 bit

    Thanks, all seems to have flashed fine. However when I reboot into recovery fort he first time I am prompted with a password box, and also asking me if I wish to set as ready only or modify. Which should I choose? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] twrp 64 bit

    I've not flashed a rom on my G5 for quite a while and have forgotten a few things. Before that I was an avid flasher on the HTC and Nexus devices, but the G5 is a little bit trickier! I have the normal TWRP installed, with the stock rom and xposed. I would to finally try an Oreo rom, but I...