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  1. markomarkogame

    Thread Microsoft bought Skype, good news for us !

    Well yes, Microsoft did bought skype (read it HERE ) and that means Windows 7 and WP7 get special treatment =) "It is assumed that the main motive of Microsoft (Ballmer) to buy Skype just for Windows phone 7 Phone Nokia in cooperation with the integration of VOIP services in the system as a...
  2. markomarkogame

    Post New HTC Phone with 16 mega pixels (video)

    =) well that is true
  3. markomarkogame

    Post Windows Phone 7 apps close to 15.000 !

    Well i like apps on WP7 and they dont crash =)
  4. markomarkogame

    Post Newest Nokia WP7 leak.

    Well kinda agree with you
  5. markomarkogame

    Thread Windows Phone 7 apps close to 15.000 !

    On site WP7applist hourly updated data on the number of applications available on the Windows phone for U.S. Marketplace 7. As expected, the number of 15,000 applications will be surpassed soon. Big apps are coming to WP7, like Angry Birds and Skype
  6. markomarkogame

    Thread New HTC Phone with 16 mega pixels (video)

    Well im still thinking pixels dont have nothing to do with quality, not in a big way i mean. But this video (ad) looked kinda nice.
  7. markomarkogame

    Thread Newest Nokia WP7 leak.

    Here is a little snippet from the article that you can find HERE “Eldar Murtazin, the eternal Nokia antagonist, claims to have the inside scoop on Nokia’s current Windows Phone device plans while getting an early hands-on with a prototype. Besides demonstrating a natural extension of the Nokia...
  8. markomarkogame

    Thread New nokia device looks like a spaceship ?

    I mean.. check it out http://www.nokiawindows.co.cc/nokia-shows-off-nokia-x7-symbian-phone/ To mee it looks awful , but good TECH!
  9. markomarkogame

    Post HTC Bravo, coming! (rumor)

    wELL Speaker looks very different for me
  10. markomarkogame

    Thread Something really innovative from Nokia (called: Sleeping screen)

    As you may notice im Nokia fan, and im hoping for more and more good stuff to come. And this one is awesome, its really calm and super cool beta application called Sleeping screen. Recently, Nokia showed off its Sleeping Screen, its like an usual application, but with style and eye candy...
  11. markomarkogame

    Post HTC Bravo, coming! (rumor)

    thunderbolt is mid range but still runs like thunder
  12. markomarkogame

    Thread HTC Bravo, coming! (rumor)

    It’s leaking time. With the HTC Pyramid, Nokia dual core phones, HTC Bravo can join the party. Despite the facts, which are that HTC Desire was named Bravo before this phone may be coming this year. According to the reports, which are pretty much more or less some good rumors, but we can...
  13. markomarkogame

    Post Best step by step tutorial

    Thanks, what others think?