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  1. Marshall1975

    Post When the Whitestone Dome goes, it goes!

    Strange as its only been costing me $12 which they class as a shipping charge. Still better than replacing the screen.
  2. Marshall1975

    Post When the Whitestone Dome goes, it goes!

    Whitestone provide lifetime warranty. Have now had 4 screen protectors from them in the past 2 months free of charge so no need to even spend $150.
  3. Marshall1975

    Post Screen Replacement with Knox tripped? [UK]

    I have had 2 devices go back to Samsung through Carphonewarehouse and both of them were sent back due to knox being tripped. Spent months pointing out to samsung EU directives but they did not budge at all. You may be lucky but sorry to say I wouldnt hold your breath.
  4. Marshall1975

    Post S7 Edge Have Duos Written On The Back

    Hello. Im currently working in Saudi Arabia and can confirm that all the dual sim versions out here are called "Duos" so I would hazard a guess you certainly have a middle eastern region phone.
  5. Marshall1975

    Post Any way to delete AM/PM in status bar with root & Xposed?

    There is no need to be rooted for that. Just select in the settings the clock format to 24hr then it does not display am/pm. See the attached screenshot.
  6. Marshall1975

    Post Rooting and warranty?

    I can only give you info from my experience. I rooted my S6 the day I got it but after a few weeks had issues with reception. It was sent to samsung for repair who promptly returned it as the Knox counter was tripped and would not repair it under warranty. Even tried using the old EU Directive...
  7. Marshall1975

    Post i have S7 edge ENGINEER binary s-boot FD/F/X fw

    Well I would say its hit and miss. Sent my S6 in for repair and they returned it to me as knox was tripped. Tried all the tricks including EU directives and Sale of goods act but they never budged. Anyone that says you will definately get it repaired is wrong.
  8. Marshall1975

    Post "Curved" Tempered Glass Screen Protector Thread (S7 EDGE)

    misiokicio sorry about the slight price difference. Was a while ago I bought them so was not 100% which one I have ended up keeping. All I can honestly say is it was one of the 2 I linked. Not helpful I know but would rather be honest than guess. Yes the 2 cheap ones came from ebay. The...
  9. Marshall1975

    Post "Curved" Tempered Glass Screen Protector Thread (S7 EDGE)

    Sorry it was my error. I got them from Ebay and included a link a few posts back.
  10. Marshall1975

    Post "Curved" Tempered Glass Screen Protector Thread (S7 EDGE)

    It was either this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252405581014?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT or this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252434343542?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Cant remember which as I bought about 6 lol.
  11. Marshall1975

    Post "Curved" Tempered Glass Screen Protector Thread (S7 EDGE)

    Just thought I would post a picture of the TGSP I have settled for. Tried all the usual expensive ones with no joy. Took the plunge and ordered a few random cheap chinese ones from amazon. The one in the picture cost £2.99 and it is the best of all the ones I have tried. Sticks really well...
  12. Marshall1975

    Post To root or not?

    Well I have always rooted phones right back from the early days of my HTC HD1. Last year though I rooted my Galaxy S6 which tripped the Knox counter. Many people say Samsung will repair your phone in the UK but I can tell you thats not the case. My phone developed a fault and I spent 4 months...
  13. Marshall1975

    Post Lockscreen Notifications

    I use NEXT lockscreen by Microsoft. Bit dubious at first but its absolutely excellent. Just slide the notification left to dissmiss or right to open it. Best part its absolutely free.
  14. Marshall1975

    Post [XPOSED](1.2/1.8.1)G4 TweaksBox(THEME,Call-Rec,Lockscreen,Notifications,MUCH MORE)

    Yes mate of course you can run Apex or Nova launcher on this rom. Im currently using it now with swipe gestures.