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    Post How could I root my device? (Samsung Galaxy A01) (Well explained)

    nope its only that unofficial twrp is for our previous android 10 version only however you wont be able to use that in android 10
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    Post [X00TD][ROM]Google Pixel 3 Android 12 Beta 2 [Android 12.2][OFFICIAL]

    No problem for sd card? or its has the same bug from Jigar?
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    Post How could I root my device? (Samsung Galaxy A01) (Well explained)

    btw can that unofficial twrp for our sma015f be flashed to android 11?
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    Post How could I root my device? (Samsung Galaxy A01) (Well explained)

    Bro stuck on analysis, im susing sma015f
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    Post [RECOVERY][A01][SM-A015][TWRP][Alpha] Unofficial twrp for Galaxy A01

    how to disable avb? i have already unlocked and root my sma015f with android 11 without twrp.
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    Post How To Root Samsung A01 (a015f/DS)

    If you're still on android 10 you need to flash your sma015f to android 11 then proceed to unlocking bootloader and upon completion proceed to rooting step. I have managed to unlock and root mine without twrp...
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    Thread Finally unlock/rooting guide for Samsung A01 SMA015F

    After a couple of months of deep research I have managed to find a solution to unlock bootloader and root our SMAO15F device. 1st step: If your on android 10 it's possible to unlock bootloader even if our device has that option by default. Fortunately with the newly released of official...
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    Thread HW/soft keys gone wrong!

    Hey guys need your help if does anyone of here have a copy or might want to share your copy of usr/keylayout files for lenovo k6 note because both of my hw/soft keys suddenly stopped working only the keyboard/powe/volum up and down are functioning, TIA.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r52][TREBLE]LineageOS 15.1 for Lenovo K6/Power/Plus/Note

    Camera fix please does anyone here can provide me a copy of camera fix for k6 note? got a blurry rear camera after flashing, clear image when taking photos only works with the flash on, reflashing the custom rom doesnt help.,
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    Post Since Magisk 18.0 on Oreo..

    You need to flash a twrp with treble support if you want to flash Magisk in any oreo roms. ?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] ResurrectionRemix v5.8.5 [T0LTE]

    boeffla kernel By the way I was able to flash your boeffla kernel on my SHV E250L however it crashes and reboots my phone automatically everytime i use a app tuner like kernel audiutor and setting up min max to 2160 without editing the default setting of a cpu governor.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] ResurrectionRemix v5.8.5 [T0LTE]

    Is your boeffla kernel compatible to korean variants im just wondering because i am able flash your rr rom to my (E250L)?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] ResurrectionRemix v5.8.5 [T0LTE]

    Good to go, flashed your aug. updated work booting now to RR logo, just waiting if it'll work, last question ist possible to flash sjkernel on nougat, coz kernel audiutor doesnt seem to be working on my device E250L using your default custom rom kernel it just freezes up my phone i dont know if...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] ResurrectionRemix v5.8.5 [T0LTE]

    tnx for the update, Now downloading, by the way how can i use Toltekor_kernel inside download section? im using E250L
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    Post [ROM][TW][4.4.4][UX][29.10.17][v11-final-link] HYPER-ROM | be unique

    E250L Good day, I have E250L what kernel did you flash for this rom able to work? Im always stuck in bootloop