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    Post [OP6][LATEST 10.3.8] Collection of unbrick tools

    yeah i see it what should i do??
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    Post [OP6][LATEST 10.3.8] Collection of unbrick tools

    is there any specific version i should try?? i tried 9.0 and 10.3 and 5.1.5 also i don't have a service center in my country i asked about the motherboard and the service shop told me that it will be 128 gb instead of 256 should i give it to him or will i find the 256 gb motherboard or can he...
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    Post [OP6][LATEST 10.3.8] Collection of unbrick tools

    @Some_Random_Username my oneplus 6 got stucked in this blackscreen white/blue led and i used alot of msm tools sometimes it goes into qualcomm crash dump mode and sometimes this black screen i don't know what to do i contacted the repair centre and they told me that it may need a motherboard...
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    Post Lenovo TAB S8-50 - Stock Firmware ROM/Root and Support

    hello do you have the backup twrp for lenovo tab s8 50 lc??
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    Post TWRP: File is bigger then Target device

    Hello i have the same problem could you please give me your backup so i can try it?
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    Thread please help me my tablet has stuck in this

    when i boot my tablet lenovo tab s8 50lc it writes this text : efilinux error [target_from_inputs:314] reset source couldn't be retrieved. Falling back in target_B 00t