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    Thread Moto G3 Authentication Problem connecting to Virgin Hub-3 wifi.

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me please. I have an old Moto G3 phone I want to give to someone so I’ve uninstalled everything personal off the phone and then done a factory reset. Now for some reason I cannot get it back on to my home wifi to finish setting up the phone. Initially...
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    Post Galaxy s5 won’t boot up

    While I've been looking for answers about this I've seen teardown videos for the s5 so I can see what the port assembly looks like with it's little PCB behind it. As I have a replacement s5 on it's way all I need to decide now is whether to keep the old handset for spare parts or see if I can...
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    Post Galaxy s5 won’t boot up

    Thanks for replying henderia93. My symptoms are very slightly different in that the phone couldn't maintain any of the modes I tried for more than a few seconds before going back to the boot loop again so there was no chance of trying any software fixes including flashing the ROM. Now it...
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    Post Galaxy s5 won’t boot up

    Thanks for replying godofsalt. At the time the phone was plugged in to my USB 3 lead which charges faster and all I can think is that perhaps there could be a fault with the lead or the higher ampage of using this lead caused a circuit to burn out. I have around a dozen USB 2 leads and I've...
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    Thread Galaxy s5 won’t boot up

    Please can someone help me with a problem I’m having with my Samsung Galaxy s5. I put my phone on charge before I went to bed and when I woke up it was still showing a red LED. I knew this was wrong because it should have had enough time to charge and turn green. I had not powered the...
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    Post Galaxy S5 with broken screen

    No, USB debugging isn't required on smartswitch. My brother is like a kid with a new toy now that he has his phone back with all his stuff restored and working. Thank you again.
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    Post Galaxy S5 with broken screen

    Thank you so much Droidriven. The new phone arrived this morning and your idea of using smartswitch from my windiws PC did the trick. I only had to touch once on the broken phone to trigger the backup to my PC which worked a treat. After that everything else was plain sailing and the new...
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    Post Galaxy S5 with broken screen

    Thanks for replying Droidriven. The exact model number is SM-G900F. Just to clarify, it is my brothers phone that is broken and he and I both have the same model. The new phone is also the same model which has been ordered but has not arrived yet. It should arrive either this morning or...
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    Thread Galaxy S5 with broken screen

    Hi there. Please could someone suggest how I can migrate all the data from a Galaxy S5 with a broken screen over to a new Galaxy S5 which is the identical model. The broken phone is not locked and internally is working normally but after being dropped I think the LCD has gone so badly that I...