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    Post What you think about the price of the Mi10 (Pro)

    You 99.99% bought Mi Note 10 Pro - which is a totally different, much lower specced phone....
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    Post Set Default Phone App

    I mean everything seems to work well and it did install straight from the play store, so it could be that it integrated better to the system than if I installed a patched version. I'll see how it goes, but I really could not go without the nearby places feature anymore...
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    Thread Set Default Phone App

    Hi guys, I installed the Google phone dialer app on my MI 8 running latest version of Mi Globe ROM (MIUI 10 - Android 9). However I cannot find the setting to set it as my default phone app. I remember seeing the setting somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it anymore. I'm running NOVA...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1][MIDO][23/02/17] LineageOS 13.0

    Hi, I have 2 small issues with this ROM - 1.) When connected to the car stereo via Bluetooth, whenever I receive an incoming call I do not get the ringing tone from the stereo. With MIUI it used to ring normally. 2.) sometimes the phone goes into silent mode for calls and messages even if...
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    Post Redmi 5 Plus Fake Global Rom Random Hardbricked

    No you cannot flash global rom over fake rom - it will brick the phone - tried and tested. test point method to chinese developer rom, unlock bootloader and then flash global rom.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 - SM-T800

    I have a problem with Hangouts video with the last 3 builds of Lineage on the SM-T800. I only installed the last 3 nightly builds so I dont know if this is a function which never worked or broke in the recent builds. Basically when I try to initiate or answer a Hangout Video call it briefly...
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    Post [TOOL] SamFirm - Samsung firmware downloader & checker

    Excellent tool - used latest version on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - worked a treat. As a note for possible improvement, it would be nice to have a dropdown list of all the regions since firmware upgrades of different regions are released at different times. I always change my region in order to...
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    Post Cracks in Note 4 Frame

    how can one expect such flaws from an $800 phone?!
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    Post [KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms

    Lower Antutu Benchmarks on OPO Franco r20 Hi, First of all this is my first time using franco. I installed r20 on my OPO and it did solve my screen sensitivity issues. no more ghost touches etc. However my Antutu is reporting much lower scores - from 47932 to 43305.
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    Post If you have a screen without the yellow band upload a picture here

    Yelow banding was intentional!! Unfortunately NOBODY has a proper screen on their OPO. I bought 2 in July and they both have it. Its a screen design issue intended to reduce the intensity of the LED edgelight, but the plan failed miserably so Oneplus bought all the faulty screens at a cheap...
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    Post [Q] Stock Samsung camera for cyanogenmod?

    low res photos unfortunately..
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    Post [GT-I9505 + GT-I9505G] CF-Auto-Root

    Perfect! Worked straight away! feeling really stupid now :( Thanks VogonP0et
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    Post [GT-I9505 + GT-I9505G] CF-Auto-Root

    Guys I have flashed the I9505XXUGNE5 CF Autoroot but although the process looks like it went well (red android recovery with text saying that device is being rooted etc.) when the device actually boots, there is NO root access. Any ideas?
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 3.0 | High Quality & Performance| AROMA | XXUBMGA | 4.2.2

    Official KitKat for GT-I9505 Here you go, simply install with ODIN. It will keep all your settings and apps. Enjoy!!
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 3.0 | High Quality & Performance| AROMA | XXUBMGA | 4.2.2

    I'm on official stock 4.4.2 and I have the official .zip file if you want.