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    Post Win10 Device Manager: phone no longer shows up [solved]

    No Problem, Who knows with Windows what could have caused it, maybe a feature update blew the driver away for some reason. There are a myriad of things that it could have been
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    Post Win10 Device Manager: phone no longer shows up [solved]

    You might want to uninstall that driver from the PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller and install the one from your chipset vendor instead. It is part of your motherboard, not anything to do with your phone or adb
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    Post My kid changed lockscreen pin

    Nope, if you hard reset you lose everything. User storage is encrypted with a per-session key that is wiped when a reset occurs meaning everything on the phone becomes useless garbage the moment that key is lost. If you have adb enabled and have authorized your computer once before you might be...
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    Post Help needed! Qualcomm Crash dump after trying to reinstall magisk upon upgrade to Android 11

    The update to 11 does not agree with Magisk which causes it to either fail to complete the update or to die at early boot depending on how bad things were messed up. You can reapply root once the update to 11 is finished though, so you can still have root. In your case manually upgrading to...
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    Post Windows OS required to root One plus 6t?

    Nope, all you need is a unlocked bootloader, fastboot, adb, and a copy of magisk
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    Post OnePlus 6t - Settings > Utilities crashes

    Would love to know this because for me its not the whole settings app either. It seems like parts of the settings are actually extensions. On mine, the data management for mobile data crashes along with permissions
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    Post Anyone Know Of A File Explorer/Manager with These Features???

    Solid Explorer, hands down. Best one I've found yet
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    Post Reddit Wallpaper Changer (Auto-wallpapers from subreddits)

    Having a issue with the latest update. App refuses to change wallpaper unless triggered manually. States that the battery is too low even though the battery setting is set to off
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    What logs would be needed? I am having a issue with the Manager opening itself multiple times immediately after the phone is unlocked for the first time
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    Post [TOOL] 6T MsmDownloadTool v4.0.59 (OOS v9.0.13)

    Would be news to me, as far as I know it always flashes stock images to both slots.
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    Post Root for ZTE Max Duo? (Z963VL Straight Talk)

    Might work if the temp su environment actually works correctly. Let us know if it works!
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    Post Updating when rooted?

    My mistake, just got the phone a couple days ago
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    Post Updating when rooted?

    Pretty sure both the magisk installer and the twrp install script will automatically install to both slots
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    Post Root for ZTE Max Duo? (Z963VL Straight Talk)

    Have figured out that the temp root issue is due to dm-verity reversing any /system changes, as far as I know the only way to disable dm-verity is to have a unlocked bootloader unless someone else knows a way?