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    Post verizon galaxy s5 on canadian network (rogers)

    How did you unlock it for rogers? (many of the unlocking threads and websites dont do Verizon - unlockthatphone.net nor cellunlocker.net)
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    Post Droid 4 On Rogers Wireless (Canada) - Incoming "Pay Phone" caller ID Solution

    [SOLVED] DROID 4 Canada SMS/voice only, no data on Rogers/Fido - help! SOLVED! see below. Droid 4 from Ebay, $135 or something + shipping. Replacing my string of bad luck with i927's from smartphone_wholesale (aka Cell Phone Forever) on ebay (tho the 1st one they sent was great til i lost it)...
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    Post Cases

    clear plastic & rubber case makes keyboard not active I got exactly this case too off Ebay, $5.99. Slides on great, feels solid. Unfortunately it impedes the keyboard sliding smoothly out, and makes it sometimes kinda... jam as one side slides up and the other doesnt. Worse, it seems it...
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    Post Cases

    extended battery cant use protective case? yeah but if you put that on, then how do you get a protective case on it? wont sizing interfere? ---------- Post added at 10:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:21 PM ---------- Just bought the $5.99 clear rubber case mentioned above. We'll see...
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    Post Cases

    Speck case? darn. seems slider models are hard to get cases for. anyone try the Speck case? there's a review on youtube too: amazon: speck + glide youtube: speck + glide, i cant post urls.
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    Post Videotron/Mobilicity Panache thread

    format with bad blocks? I might be applying too much of my linux background here, but can't one just format around the badblocks with a tool? (unless the bad blocks are at the start of the device where the filesystem header info goes...)
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    Post Videotron/Mobilicity Panache thread

    need a stock mobilicity PD15IMG - format /system error Not sure if my phone is bricked or what - I get a format /system error. I've read that it might be the wrong PD15IMG causing the issue. I've tried to flash with 2.3.4.new and 1.17 but get FAIL PU at the first step (bootloader). A stock...