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    Post Re-Run Setup*Wizard

    Thanks It worked for me
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    Post How to rollback from Android 10 to 9?

    If you got an error saying log file error or something related to log then there is a simple solution. that is creating a folder named log inside the MIflash folder. like this
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    Post [STABLE] HAVOC OS ROM [Q|Android 10.0] [OFFICIAL] [MI A2 Lite]

    Is it necessary to install twrp in step 5. after installing ROM. I don't want to install TWRP in my phone soo.
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    Post A2 Lite patched_boot.img

    Here you go. and please give feedback after using it. You can find every patch boot image here. the***********.com/enable-camera2-api-xiaomi-mi-a2-lite-guide/#For-Mi-A2-Lite-daisy replace **** with customdriod
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    Post Android 10 again.

    I updated to android 10 today and it went fine. Android 10 came with some trade offs like no audion enhancement, no smart lock face recognition, and the big one it will remove camera to api patch too.
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    Post Fake rear second camera?

    i also use this model and i think that secondary dual cam is just for show off it does not do any thing. its a mimic only for branding purpose.
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    Post Patch march 2019 Xiaomi MI A2 Lite

    Update on the way Got update today its 266.7 MB. From np.
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    Thread Increases Saturation in display

    Dose any one notice in mi A2 lite saturation increases if high beam of light hit light sensor. Even sunlight is enough to increase saturation of display. I have tried disabling adaptive brightness but no change it increases saturation. I dont know this is a defect to my device or an 9 pie...
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    Post [OTA] Stable Pie update rolling out

    Same problem I have also got android pie update and now i am confused whether its stable update or not . From nepal
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    Thread Fingerprint

    Any one facing finger print problem. Its saying couldn't process fingerprint. Try again later. And also problem in matching fingerprint.