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  • Hi, I saw you also had problems with the alarm on Cyanogen's 5.0 Beta 5. Is there a fix for that? I've reset my alarm many times. But it never goes off in the morning as it's supposed to. Thanks in advance.
    I actually have the T-Mobile G1, but I'm using the rooted Rogers ROM (Soulife's Rogers - the latest one), and it works flawlessly.

    There is a dedicated thread (maybe even two) for rooting the Rogers G1. Haykuro also posted about it, and he's a pretty responsive guy, too if you have a hankering to PM him or even visit his blog, which should come up if you google 'Haykuro blog'.

    I believe he has done it successfully, and has provided pretty good explanation of how to do it.

    I'm the site owner for and I occasionally make updates to include consolidated and crystallized info from XDA and other forums so you don't have to sift through like 1000 pages to get what you need. I will see what I can fish out and maybe post it on my site.
    Here are some compiled solutions:

    SU not working:
    adb remount
    adb shell
    cd /system/bin
    rm su
    cat sh > su
    chmod 4755 su

    If that doesn't work, reroot! End of story
    Well, I kinda do. I still can't force a reboot from Terminal for some odd reason no one has been able to explain to me.

    To get to where I am, follow these steps:
    Step 1: Make sure you have a PVT board in your T-Mobile G1. This won't work for a Rogers Dream.
    Step 2: Make sure you have JF's 1.4x recovery console installed (or a more recent version like CM's "pimped recovery image".
    Step 3: Update to the 65.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I radio.
    Step 4: Update your SPL to Haykuro's 1.33.2005.
    Step 5: Update to the Rogers Signed R2 ROM.
    Step 6: Do a wipe from the recovery console.
    Step 7: Boot it up and open up your root-required apps, and let them prompt for SU Permissions.

    That's how I got where I am. Before I had the Rogers ROM installed, I was using JF's 1.51US (non-ADP) build with HardSPL.

    I have downloaded VirtuDude's Roger's v3 ROM to try it out. If Exchange works and it fixes the video playback crap, I will stick with that one for a while. Else, I will probably come back to Rogers R2.
    Hi Maxawesome,

    For the past week or so I have been going through these threads, looking for all info I could get for the Rogers HTC Dream version. From what I have read, you seem to be the first, and possibly only "rogers" customer with a working Modded handset, congrats.

    I have read through the Sticky's throughout this form, but nothing specific to the Rogers Build.

    My issue, is what specific files to use. I know reading somewhere through the main 50 page thread on this topic, you mention you finally got it all going.
    Could you give any hints/clue's?

    So, could you verify?
    SPL Version correct for you? SPL 1.33.2005?
    F/w you switched to? Rogers R2? Try R3 yet?
    Radio Version? Did you change, upgrade? or just use as is?
    Backup? did you make any type of backup of your original Rogers ROM?
    Root: You had a recent comment you got root, but get errors. Any update? Do you have root?

    Anything info you could provide to me would be much appreciated

    Thanks Again,
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