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    Post anx camera

    Ty I will try it out
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    Thread anx camera

    is there anx camera mi 10t lite With gcam I cannot even use the full potential of the camera The front camera is 16 mp only can take photos with 9mp
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11][lavender] EvolutionX 5.8

    i am getting a issue when copy file to the sd card it crashes the phone and some times the sd get corrupted i test a new sd card and it does the same thing but in the recovery its work fine
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    Post [ROM][12.0][OFFICIAL] Weeb Project [LAVENDER]

    i can't install magisk if i do it bootloops
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    I followed the installation instructions but now when I boot up the phone it doesn't say that's unlocked is my bootloader locked because the firmware update?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10][lavender] EvolutionX 4.7

    I did the update today to the last version and my gcam gone
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    Post [NO LONGER SUPPORTED ][ CLOSED ] [OFFICIAL] [14.11.2019] HavocOS 3.0 for Redmi Note 7

    Updated the firmware and installed the new version of the ROM and now I don't pass the safety-net check I did down grades the ROM and it's pass again
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial]Lineage OS 13 for Vee7

    how do you remove wake up the volume buttons.:crying: