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  • . . Hi there, mayo. My name is Diego Nunes and I'm a developer from Brazil. I live in Rio de Janeiro, which, besides very beautiful, is a very dangerous city. I had some 6 or 7 phones stolen throughout my life and recovery software is something I take very seriously.
    . . I saw that you developed a pretty powerful software and I would like to help in its development as well. It would be a good way to give back to XDA Community for the help and a way to make everyones devices safer.
    . . I'm not sure at which level of development the software is or in which parts you need more help, but it would be cool to talk about any way I could help to improve the software and spread the word about it.

    . . Thanks.
    Hi Mayo

    I am completely new to windows mobile OS. And i have a doubt ..

    I have doubts regarding the compatibility of applications between professional(touch screen) and standard(non-touch screen) os's in windows mobile 6.0 ..

    and also compatibility of applications between different versions of WM 5.0,6.0 and 6.1

    I would like to know if 5.0 apps can be installed on 6.0 or 6.1 and vice versaa... ...Hope u understood me..

    can u pls reply to me as soon as possible... here or at [email protected](dot)com.. pls replace dot with .

    Thanks and regards

    Hello mayo,

    This is my first post! I have read the whole thread as I am trying to cook a ROM for my Jade and I want to include SmartProtect in there. I already have all the other files needed in the ROM kitchen but I would like to find out what are the registry or other information that I will need to cook my config to the phone. Please PM me. Also, maybe a feature request, instead of a giving us these information, maybe we can have a configuration tool that will configure SmartProtect. I can than put this in the cooked ROM so that it will run on first hardreset.

    Does this Smart Protect software runs on Dopod d810 ?
    I encountered "method not found: get_Simlocked. Microsoft, WindowsMobile.Status.System.State"
    hello, i have installed smartprotect on my new samsung omnia, it works fine.
    the only problem i have (stupid me) i can't change my settings cause for some reasons my password will not be accepted. i think i changed it once but cant remember it.
    for now everything works great but i am afraid if i ever need to change my sim card problems will turn up. is there a possibility to recover it???
    please help me.
    It dosn't work on my PDA (Mio A501, WM 5). When I started SmartProtect I have error: MissingMethodException get_SimLocked.
    I lost my TyTn II today. Your software, and a GPS helped me find it inside someone's house. I cannot thank you enough. Great piece of software!
    hey whatsup man... i saw ur smartprotect application in here and i am goin to install it very soon on my HTC Touch HD. You said you were gonna work on some improvements so I wnted to tell you that it would be nice if we could receive by SMS all the incoming/outgoing messages + incoming/outgoing calls log... a couple other applications have that but yours seems better overall

    Thanks !
    Hi, Omnia owner here. I am not a tech savvy. Just like to give you a morale booster. You are doing a great job. I tried some of the features, some got it working on first try, some needed to try again, but eventually ok.. My advise to all, if i may, please read carefully/completely the instructions before trying on features.

    Mayo98, thank you very much for this software..
    i just came across ur smartprotect....its very gud..thax a lot ...
    is this hardreset protected or it'll go on hardreset...(which a thief can do)..if yes
    where can i get latest SmartProtect.....
    thanx a lot again
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