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    Post How To Guide Root for Realme GT2 Pro Global variant (RMX3301_11)

    Please stop saying there is root or even bootloader unlock for the global variant. India is not "GLOBAL" aka the world, although you might like it to be.
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    Post [Q] Shortcut to developer options

    Four years later... Same problem. Same question. No answer found... Anyone?
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    Post Question Material You - Android 12 / Realme UI 3.0

    Same problem here.
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    Post Question Poor performance, please help

    Gotten Monday device? 8 gen 1s from Samsung are bad enough for Qualcomm to swap to TSMC now. I would give it back if possible.
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    Post Question Will there be a aosp custom rom for the realme gt 2 pro?

    You'd better forget that. It's Realme, not Oneplus. I'm interested in this phone too but this company is not doing right. And as Realme, OnePlus and Oppo are all the same, I fear the worst for the future.
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    Post Question Should i buy the phone? Will there be any custom roms in the future?

    I wouldn't count on it. Only chinese firmware can be unlocked. Therefore, a significant community is not to be expected. Edit: Happily, I have to correct myself. It's a moderate miracle.
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    Post Fire TV Stick 4K r3_4054 No efuse/Old UI/Accessibility/NO OTA/PRE-ROOTED ROM

    Just to be sure, these "no efuse" roms only avoid the fuse to burn, they do not work on a stick whose efuse is burnt already, right? I rooted my stick with stock on it and i doubt it would run the old UI. Or would it with this rom?
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 2nd gen (tank)

    "When booting again and trying to run the [...]" Did you reboot the stick? It reboots itself to hacked fastboot mode. Do not disconnect the stick from the power. Just wait a while and then run the second script.
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    Post Galaxy Tab S7 Plus green tint display issues at low brightness

    This seem to be a common problem of (Samsung) (AM)OLEDS. I had to get three Tab S5e refunded because of this green tint and other low light problems.
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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.6.9.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    I tried the new beta version of upmpdcli and the old release 1.2.16 and they both play fine with a new token. To be sure, i logged out of Bubbles Tidal proxy and disabled local media server. I chose a playlist via BubbleUPnP from upmpdcli Tidal plugin, sent it to the renderer and quit...
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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.6.9.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    Thank you again for your help. I "updated" upmpdcli so no problem here. I avoid the Tidal proxy because it drains battery more quickly. I don't think it's your fault. AdGuard blocks something that it shouldn't. Unfortunately they didn't respond. It's not a big deal but annoying.
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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.6.9.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    You already said that, thank you. As i said the app is excluded in AdGuard. There may be some communication on other, unknown ways that could be unblocked. I don't think yet it is hopeless. My question was addressed to everyone who knows the problem and has found a solution or can explain what's...
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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.6.9.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    I use BubbleUPnP 3.4.7 as a control point between my DLNA/UPnP service (miniDLNA on OMV) and an upmpd(cli) renderer on a Raspberry Pi which includes a Tidal plugin (moOde Audio player). On my Androids i also use AdGuard. This app, no matter which version, prevents Bubble from working correctly...
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    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.6.9.1] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    I have problems with Tidal for a few days now. Authentication failure when used with external mpd renderer on a Raspberry Pi (upmpdcli 1.49) even with proxy function. Only local playback works. Am i the only one?